Custom Order for Jordan L.

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Custom Order for Jordan L.


Name: Jordan Lamar


Quote | Verse | Lyrics - Use exact capitalization + punctuation: Remember when you were very young and I was not as old we would walk or ride a bike to find a flower for you to hold. Your eyes would gleam with choices your nose would smell them too and then you would reach with little hands hoping for a few. The only time I ever said pick just one my little girl of two was the first time that you did it and from that day on you knew. Save one for the next little girl were the words that we would say and as long as God allows me breath I will never forget that day. I hope you understood back then as I think you do today I wanted you to have them all but love got in the way. You will find that many people take whatever they choose but they do not think of others and how much that they could lose. I do not know if any other dads with their little girls in tow ever stopped to pick a flower that we allowed to grow. But one thing that is certain and I believe with all my heart God is pleased when we think like this to set ourselves apart. Oh how you have grown you are leaving home with many choices ahead but I know you will remember some of the words I have said. Your dreams are just like flowers with blossoms and fragrant smell and when you go to pick one make sure to pick it well. The difference now from way back then is there is no limit to the dreams you can pick them endlessly and endless they do seem. Do not hold back and do not give up because now you are in a field you will find them high and find them low with some not yet revealed. Some little children who now are grown will want to take your dream they were not taught to share when young or catch their own sunbeam. You know what you need to do so do it with all your might go ahead and pick those dreams while they are still in sight. And as I close remember Dear these seven words of ours save one for the next little girl is only meant for flowers.

Size: 28x52 

Orientation: Vertical

Lettering Selection: No. 21

Background Color: white

Lettering Color: black

Frame Color: HOB (wood stain)

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