Hello Friends!

I hope each of you are having a restful Sabbath!

Dakota, Grace, and I have been in the Galilee region of Israel the past few days.  I attached a brief video clip and pic of sunset over the Galilee, as well as a couple pictures of the beautiful Golan Heights! This is the area Israel seized from Syria during the latter part of the 6-day war in 1967. You can follow along on IG (@houseofbelonging) highlights titled "Israel".

We've stayed the last three nights at a kibbutz situated on the high basalt cliffs. The Peace Vista Country Lodge. Tonight is our last night.  I stayed behind today.  Followed the cliff on my morning walk.  Felt the wind blow hard scurrying my heart under two trees where I pulled out my journal.  And listened.  Who am I that I get to sit in the womb of the world.  Watch birds chase each other through trees.  Words are hiding from me right now but I am trusting God.  So I sit and soak up the sun today, instead.  Ask what do you want me to see, God?  What do you want to show me?  Who do you want to be for me, now?  

My whole life, all 50 years of it, has been about following, longing for something more.  And I finally found him.  Jesus.  At a table.  Deep in the valley.  As I was climbing up and out of the Wilderness of Tzin on day 3, that the years behind me was where God was making me a warrior.  Training my hands for war.  Putting a fire in my bones.  A sword in my hand.  Not to battle people, but the spirit of religion.  Making someone into someone else takes pressure, time and relationship.  

He wants to re-make you, too friend!

I'm learning that Jesus doesn't teach.  He makes.  He doesn't teach us to be disciples.  He makes us disciples.  Makes us like him.  Jesus's table is where relationships are restored.  Reconciled even. It's the place he feeds us.  Matthew 4:19, Jude 1:25-25  

I am chronically undone at every step I take in this land.  My friend Rebekah Joy said The Golan Heights is a land of striking beauty and pain...much like our wilderness seasons.  And it is.  

The Lord willing, when I come back to the states I will have my feet.  I've been at yet another crossroads.  I knew I had to follow the breadcrumbs to Israel.  I knew he would feed me here.  He is.  

I am ever-grateful to be in this land WITH my two youngest children.  I can't wait to tell you more of the story soon.  

Be WATCHING!  Soon we will be gathering a LAUNCH TEAM.
WE are calling it an army.  
It's my God-story but it's not really about me.  It's about who God is and what he is like. 
And He is Better than we think He is.   

I am ever-grateful for the opportunity to experience the "fifth gospel" -- as St. Jerome referred to the holy land.

I've linked a playlist I created for you.  Music is like medicine for my heart.  Maybe yours too?  

Attached are a couple of pictures.  We've been chasing the sunset on the Sea of Galilee.  Our bus missed it every night.
BUT, I did get to capture a bit after it slipped onto the other side of the earth.  Rebekah, Kristi + me at the after conquering the 
Wilderness of Tzin and my two youngest kids, Dakota and Grace at Capernaum, Jesus home-base for His ministry. 

sunsetgolanheights from Tiffini Kilgore on Vimeo.


Side by side. 

Shoulder to shoulder. 

We are better together!

Love to you all!

Shalom - T

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