a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

happy almost fall everyone! fall is my favorite season..is it yours too? if you don't know it yet i am tiffini..from the house of belonging next door hoping you'll stop by soon for coffee and pumpkin donuts so we can talk about our hearts for our home..our family..and one another

that is my favorite thing EVER...being inspired hearing your story and encouraging you by sharing my story within God's story

that is my heart for this little post on a fall wreath..that it would encourage you to do just one simple thing to make your home say " come in - you belong here - you are LOVED!


-a pre-made fall wreath

-add-ons like leaves.pumpkins.pine cones.ribbon whatever

**wait for hobby lobby or Michael's coupon for 40% off.  i got all of this for around 25.00!

-hot glue gun


glue it all on in whatever way you want.  it is THAT easy

( before )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

my main complaint about pre-made wreaths is they are sparse.  you can pay 60 plus dollars for a stingy wreath. i love FULL wreaths which is why this project makes perfect sense!

we chose this wreath because we loved the muted fall tones with touches of gold

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

the leaves made ALL the difference in giving the wreath the fullness i wanted

( after )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutoriala "fast" fall wreath tutorial

this project is not rocket science PLUS we saved at least 25.00 compared to buying a pottery barn wreath so we went to Five Guys and had cheeseburgers, fries and a soda it was worth every.single.penny

now go make a wreath. buy a wreath...or not...or maybe go have a greasy cheeseburger but whatever you do KNOW you are awesome just the way you are.  wreath or not:)  i just hope this gives you just a little bit of fall encouragement

you can find me on instagram @houseofbelonging daily...that is my hangout place:) where you'll be the first to know all of our new signs and tee's and upcoming NEW stuff that we have in the works...so come on over...we can't wait to see you there!

1 way to celebrate fall with kids   {this is an awesome popcorn recipe btw}


love people everywhere fall table