mms milk-paint chippy chandelier makeover

  i was not born a natural diy'er my love for the art & soul of creating my very own home has evolved into a passion..where only jesus and food come before it

diy miss mustard seed milk paint ( in linen ) chandelier.  Philippians 4:7-8 sign...good words to see each and every morning! old door turned headboard..drop cloth bedskirt  call it a mid-life crisis or just getting closer to dying but i am becoming a risk-taker and adventurer seeker in my middle age. making intentional choices to make the art of living courageously a lifestyle.

sooo i just figured my best bet would be to just be "me" here each all my awkward authentic glory the words of maya angelou come to mind when i think of my purpose here each month

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

i hope to offer you encouragement and inspiration that if i can do it so can YOU!

where there are no right or wrong

diy chandelier painted with miss mustard seed milk paint in linen

if you weren't born with the innate ability to put together a room..well take heart i wasn't either.  and if you were and reading my sad post...just nod and say

girl, you felt the fear and did it anyway...i am proud of you

so let's get to the project shall we?

the inspiration for this was in my mind but blurry.  i wanted a romantic feminine light fixture for my bedroom.  and i couldn't decide between that and a crystal chandelier.  well budget chose for me in this case. we bought this chandelier at home depot a few months before moving to the exodus home


much like i do all things in my life...before really thinking it through.  some things i can be SOOO indecisive but in others it is knee-jerk

are you like that too?

i said to my daughter

"lets paint the chandelier from the dining room with miss mustard seed milk paint?"

i had a bag lying around from a couple of months ago in the color "linen" thinking i would paint my dresser.  nope.  didn't happen

home depot chandelier before being painted with miss mustard seed milk paint

here is where the risk came in

i read the directions on the back of mms milk paint only to find i might need a bonding agent if it is metal it looked like wood-i didn't even think about it honestly but upon feeling guessed it.  metal!  ugh..i had no bonding agent and no time to order one before getting this post done.

i threw caution to the wind and walked out to the garage and had the chandelier hung..mixed up the milk in a cottage cheese container that i dumped the contents out of for lack of anything else to use.  i said i would be authentic:)

i mixed the paint according to the package directions.  clear and super easy directions.

oh..i did take out the lightbulbs

i used a little chip brush and i painted it.  and when i wasn't sure whether to paint the chain...i did

at first it seemed to be adhering well. thank God!  i did really pray y'all

but as soon as it began drying the flakes began appearing and i began sweating

hmmm..and then it began evolving into perfection.

the vision i had of that romantic feminine chandelier was becoming clear right before my very eyes!

diy miss mustard seed chippy chandelier in linen

it was perfect

like it had been hanging in an abandoned old house where a love story was once lived

i love love love it

diy home depot chandelier painted "linen" miss mustard seed milk paint

so .. moral of the story?  take a risk.

you may have to trash it

or you may just get a treasure

loved sharing..thanks for hanging out with me...xo

things i learned:

i sprayed the light with a clear poly to hold the flakes on better.  i had to hold the can farther away so it wouldn't spray the flakes off.  it helped a lot if i were to do it again i would try the bonding agent but honestly...i really do LOVE the flaky chippy look

don't paint over it once it is dry.  this caused more paint to come off

i used a small wire whisk to stir with and it seemed to do just fine

sometimes mistakes turn out to be the best thing that could have happened



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