what i would say to the little girl in me...

i wrote some of my heart out on wood...you know in the bible when it says He saves our tears in a bottle?this is what i hear God say when he has cupped my face so many times...He drowns out the lies i hear with truth He believes in me..He comforts me like no one else can...this is what He is telling the 9 year old little girl when her world has broken into a million pieces and in her eyes her daddy would be there helping her pick up the pieces but so often that is not the case for little girls...or boys but our real Father...He bends down...our very own daddy - with His eyes sparkling with joy seeing us as we really are consumed with love He says...


eboughweb:i love my mom in this shirt:

you were born to blaze new trails to pioneer great adventures to reclaim new territories - take daring risks to tell your one.of.a.kind story and if necessary start a new page use your story to CREATE a new future - don't live in the past never ever quit and when you fall hard...get up harder YOU are God-strong when you cross over into new land and face unknown giants always remember

you are never alone- the God - of - the - Angel - Armies goes before you you were born  a warrior - wounded scarred and battle-weary but SAVED by no strings attached GRACE fight hard for your story - you are worth fighting for you are ENOUGH.  you are strong and courageous heaven is singing songs over you every.single.day i know you will have BIG faith

slavery to anything is surviving instead..choose to live FREE let faith not fear be your compass TRUTH not lies be your guide my prayer for you for all eternity is that God's word - like blood - pumps through your veins that you crave His LOVE like the oxygen you breathe you are set-apart..watch with eyes wide open for God do amazing things around you

remember to give God room to PROVE Himself FAITHFUL God is with you ALWAYS- make your mark by DREAMing BIG..because you never know that you were born for such a time as this...write your HIStory...xo


sometimes i sense a fire at my heels and the need to run.... i an sense it coming in my bones the need for them to know

i wrote these words first to the little girl in me and then for all the little girls and boys who are lost...who have no voice who feel abandoned...who are in hopeless situations

so they will know.  so someone will tell them...believe these words for them i write them to my children...my grandchildren because one day we may not live in a country where we are so free a day doesn't go by that i don't feel grateful for all i have...all we have as a country but i believe it isn't always going to be this way

and i believe there is a call going out to prepare..we are not to live by fear we are to be on the front lines

and i wonder have i taught my children ... not by my words but by how i live..what i stand for it's time

i hope to have this sign ready before i leave for Hope Spoken thursday!!!!

more on that soon and we still have a big surprise i am DYING to share with you but i think it will have to wait until after i get back...but it is worth the wait...she is worth the wait...and i get to squeeze her neck in less than a week.....eeeekkkkk!!!!