our exodus home...

friday january 31, 2014 i picked up the keys to my exodus home


the following words were on january 31 daily bible reading.  i couldn't BELIEVE it!!  what??  this is what it said..i underlined them and wrote them in my journal as circle prayers..

you must remember this day forever each year  you will celebrate it as a special festival to the LORD - exodus 12:14

this night had been reserved by the LORD to bring out His people from the land of egypt =slavery - exodus 112:42

this day will be the anniversary of your exodus - exodus 13:4

i hadn't got one foot in the inside the promised land and i came face to face with some giants...

and i can't wait to spill more of my story

i wanted to turn tail and run...

there is nothing to turn up the volumne in your life than to move and have your daughter and husband and the four grand kids come...simultaneously

all while having a winter storm warning

while the snow maybe falling outside..inside we are laughing so hard our sides hurt watching the grand babies dance in the kitchen to katy perry's new song .. don't judge (i wink) and i am LOVING having my hair "did"

it is CRAY i tell ya!!

i can't WAIT to tell you what we have planned for the house oh!  be sure to check out my adventurous partner in her simple new style

my daughter and husband and the four kiddos leave thursday morning so i am closing the computer for the night and snuggling into bed with reed.  it is his turn to sleep with grandma

love you all so much! xo