keep your proper distance daughter

its monday - is that a good thing?  not sure yet:) IMG_6302 we got a lot accomplished this weekend like making our menu and shopping for it laundry...kinda picked another color to try on our walls we cleaned a lot we purchased some things to make a few really awesome projects...hoping so anyway...:)

ate with family...always FUN:)  food...i love food

what did you do?

here is my dilemma today: i am a hard core runner! i have some peter in me...i will not deny you jesus....i get ya peter...i do!!

not the kind that pounds the pavement however...although pavement has come into play i am a runner aheader : the runner that when things are moving forward at an alarming rate i go just keep going without stopping to ask for directions which has been known to find me hurled headlong INTO the pavement..only to come up bruised and bloody...ick!

nowadays -- whether i really am wiser or i am just be the judge i am more comfortable with acknowledging that while these tendencies can and are be used for awesome things many time they have gotten me ahead of God

so this morning when i was aroused from my fitful sleep at 3:30 am...i thought i might as well grab a cup of coffee and have a conversation with my abba

i told you here that i had been steeping in these verses ( yes, instead of running all over in the bible like i can do....this must be a tendency of mine...ha)

so i went to those verses AND read the rest of colossians...which btw i am really identifying with.  i think i might begin to memorize it...anyway

after all of that...writing in my journal things that were impressed on my heart - i turned to joshua and there i read

joshua was up early and on his way from shittim with all the people of israel with him.  he arrived at he jordan and camped before crossing over.  after three days, leaders went through the camp and gave out orders to the people: "when you see the covenant-chest of God, your God, carried by the levitical priests, start moving.  follow it.  make sure you keep a proper distance between you and it, about half a mile--be sure now to keep your distance!-and you'll clearly see the route to take.  TIFFINI YOU have NEVER been this way before!! -- joshua 3:1-4

ok..was that something i need to listen to?  to DO something with...well i think so!!

there is lots of action words here FOLLOW..start MOVING...i have been listening and moving--following when i feel God showing me too...but the reminder here..for me anyways

is to follow far enough behind God to be able to see which way He is showing me to go REMEMBER - i have NEVER been this way before.  this is all new territory for me and i still feel like this picture!!

isn't that awesome?  abba knows this about me and He knows i want to grow in this area learn HOW to bridle this FIRE...does that make sense?  ok...hope so:)

it's monday..yep and today i am going to practice rest.  not a static thing..i see it as a steady rhythm--moving through my busy day but instead of having my eyes to the grindstone i want to be focused upward and outward...ALERT to where abba is working..where i might need to take the next turn. just a restful moving through a monday..

what about your monday?  do you have a tendency to plunge in and not stop to see where the next step maybe? what kind of runner are you...wink:)

next we are going to talk about paint colors and projects...and i laugh...cause God always is up to something right?