what if we prayed circles around our own Jerico's?

This would be the year that we would be just bunch of messed-up, broken-down people — with a swordBecause every. single. one. of. us. is  facing. one. hard. battle.   --ann voscamp

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nothing happens by accident when we have eyes to "see" the sacred

the timing of ann's #memoryproject2014  and evan g coopers book recommendation the circle maker

that i have some deeply buried dreams sacred visions that i want to go for giants that i have long wanted to see slayed that are still standing in defiance

if feel an urgency within my spirit..

so i cut out living words printed on paper...

i have deep wounds that are infected.  wounds that i allow to be continually broken open and i have been trusting God to get me out...in His way and it is HARD

so i read about prayer circles...about finding my "jerico"

and my mind & heart begin to beat faster.  God is speaking....

WHAT IF's... begin pounding in my brain and i can't write fast enough

Do not plant your dreams in the field of indecision, where nothing ever grows but the weeds of "what-if."  ~Dodinsky source link was broken...

what if we each found God's heartbeat for us..

what if  we DARED to TRUST God to fight our battles and began putting action to our unique dreams

what if we quit fighting in our own energy and began to trust His?  i mean really trust...

what if we really choose to LIVE instead of FEAR

what if we stopped letting false guilt and shame keep us from becoming a naked page for Him to write on? after all He has already given each of us a song.  our very own song woven into the fabric of our soul it is not ours to sing

it is HIS!

HOW do we DO..in real everyday life...THIS?

prayer SWORDS!  we are spiritual beings who have been given the weapons to fight problem is.. we don't use them.  we use our energies.  and they are not God's weapons

people ARE NOT our enemy!

we have to prayerfully figure out what our jerico's are.  what habits we want to see be set from? what do we want to see a breakthrough in?  what do we want to see happen in the lives of those we love but in OUR OWN LIVES?

if we are changed it begins to change everything around us

in the lives of our family..friends a book to write..a ministry maybe..starting a family..abusive relationships..the list is endless

we cannot fight in our own strength.  been there done that.  a lesson i continually have to come back to

in a matter of two days these two things came into my life -- God is calling -- are we listening?  

what if we begin together by praying circles around our Jericho's?

WHAT IF this is the year for that one battle that you have been fighting for years..for the walls of it to come crashing down?

get the book...download the verses

THIS is the YEAR to plant for a HUGE harvest!....xo