it's a girl...

i don't know about YOU but i LOVE happy endingsnow don't get me wrong i don't believe in fairy tales but i do enjoy on occasion to live vicariously through one

well this is pretty close to a fairy tale to us

today was day my sister & her husband announced the gender of their baby with a party called the gender "reveal"

you know right? they throw parties for these sorts of things with all sorts of innovative ways to tell what sex the baby is i wish they had done that back in my day.  it really is so fun & you can get way creative

cakes with pink or blue filling to boxes filled with pink or blue balloons seem to be the most popular along with amazing photography sessions i can't wait to see what Nikki does with Amber can you?

amber & robby chose balloons and i think i will just let the pictures speak for themselves







 but i do know that my heart is enlarged for amber & robby and the boys

God does have a plan and a future for all of us and i have no doubt the future planned for this family is a plan to build give a future and a hope

and we are humbly privileged to be a part of this little life

It's a GIRL friends...#babybaber until they decide on a name and always know little one that