5 things God shared with me through Nehemiah

  i have had quite a lot of questions regarding my time with God so i thought i would try and give you some things you can take away today that i hope will help,  ya'll give me so much...



i usually always have my time in the morning.  just works best for me but whenever you have time alone and that you can be still by all means that works...go for it.  there isn't a right or wrong.  don't you think that whenever you can do it and what works is the best...yes me too:)

what is quiet time

quiet time to me is when i write in my journal, do a bible study, read my devotional or any other book that encourages communication or dialogue

di·a·logue or di·a·log


1. A conversation between two or more people.

believe it or not until i read jesus calling i didn't connect that dialogue is taking turns talking & listening.  it was revolutionary

quiet time these two words make my 18 year old son laugh..i don't know why?  it is a funny word isn't it but anyway - it is also synonymous with relationship.  it is time with a person and his name is Jesus.

"Jesus is not a product that will make life perfect, He's a living being that wants a relationship and relationships are hard."--donald miller

what do you need

i will sometimes light a candle and sometimes i listen to music

oh wait, i forgot to tell you.  YOU can come anyway you want.  pajama's, a dress... naked even.  now i don't really see the point but you get what i am saying and i just LOVE that God doesn't mind one bit!  isn't it cool that what matter is our heart..not our hairy legs or bad breath?


i always always have coffee.  it takes me at least 15 minutes and a cup before i am coherent.  if God is talking i ain't hearing yet..anyone else hear me?

umkay...coffee first:) and

this friend shared a devotional called Jesus Calling with me a couple of years ago and it is a MUST HAVE!  if you don't have it...GO now...go go go

i also have my inductive study bible, a little praise book ( 31 days of praise by ruth myer) ( love this one!) my journal, a pen and COFFEE! and your set

my "stuff" is scattered beside my bed and in the morning i sneak in there and gather them all up and dump them and me on the couch..and there God & i meet for the day.


in a nutshell

coffee devotional bible journal/paper pen whatever else you want to add



do i always LOVE quiet time - girls...i am flesh - no i don't.  many a time i have come away and "felt" nothing.  i am more distracted by the days tasks than i am in really meeting with Him.

i am learning to give myself grace. if anything i can encourage you with..let it be this it has given me more daily peace and others i'm sure ever in my life.  the more grace i give myself the more i am able to and want to give others.  the more i acknowledge my brokenness the more i can acknowledge others brokenness...does that make sense?

if i've had a bad start to the day or if my paper plates if full and things are falling off left and right like now i overwhelm myself into a heap of tears and i move on

don't compare yourself to others you deem more spiritual than you.  there is always room to grow and learn from others but know that if i am doing that it will make me miserable.

if i've had a bad start to the day or if my paper plates if full and things are falling off left and right like now i overwhelm myself into a heap of tears and i move on.  tomorrow is a new day.

so i don't have all the perfect things for a perfect quiet time.  i don't believe that exists.  even the most "spiritual" people in your and my lives do not have perfect quiet times OR are perfect...even if they seem pretty darn close.


quiet times trickle throughout the day.  i try not to let that be the end all.  a relationship that is growing is communicating.  and i can't tell you how thankful i am that God never leaves or gets fed up with me like a human being would..can i hear an amen

a quiet time sets the tone for the day

i am a journal-er.  when i die i told my kids they can publish the novel

one more thing

one more thing and i will wrap up.  one of the main reasons i journal is that i can write down what i hear.  what God says to me.  it gives me direction. something i can refer back to.  i can see where i went off the path or when a prayer was answered and so forth

i will share one not so good thing i saw through my journaling.  when i was reading back over my journals from about 10 years ago you know what i saw?  i was saying the same things back then...10 years later!  it depressed me for days.  i was a the victim...in many ways sounded just the same.

now that was eye opening.  the last couple of years i can look back and see growth..change and that makes me smile...no more victim mentality my journal is my history.  my STORY

5 things God shared with me last week

i felt God share with me the other day.  i have been feeling overwhelmed from the surgery and the messiness of our lives right now coupled with the business--trying to catch-up and continue.  i think God just gave me some little things to do each day.  and if i begin to just do this..i will be ok.  

i called it my nehemiah Plan To WORK...it goes something like this

  • just be in the bible. in the word daily.  in whatever way works for you.- just do daily.  even if it is itty bitty bite sizes. truth...any study of the bible..just be in the word
  • write my story.  no one else's.  each day.  #stophidingmycrazy
  • continue to build signs & the shop.  do what i can at this time.  that is all i can do
  • begin to recover the house - clean it out.  continue the re-booting.  go through each room and simplify
  • enjoy summer with my family.  no plan...just be
  • begin walking 3 times a week.  get stronger physically AND emotionally .  i have 2 more surgeries this year.  this is important

your turn

so do tell .. what are some things you find helpful in your times with God?  i am ready for a new study...something crazy good any suggestions...i would love love to hear.

i want a grilled cheese but am out of bread...boo off to the grocery store...

summer 2013

went to worlds of fun with a friend & rode her first roller coaster