my heart spills & shop news (closing for 2 weeks) & new sign

lol...the misspelling will not be in the sign you buy.  what a crack up.  thanks to my IG friend for letting me know..totally slipped by this old woman!  ha! MEGCOLLAGE

i acknowledge it takes two i also have learned i only take responsibility for only what is mine but sometimes regret bullies and threatens to take me with her

battle fatigue sets in doesn't it

my son asked me if i thought i would be a grumpy old person or a happy one he worries that i will have regrets and in psychology they teach that regret makes grumpy at the end of life he's 18

i listen to this song and it hooked my pain today


i cry and mourn for something i deeply love but is twisted and sick and nothing i can do can change it but i love and i my heart hurts deep and longs for a lifetime partner friend  a soft place to land to be vulnerable and know there is a safe place.  someone to rock old with.  who gets me.


a heart can be riddled with holes and scarred beyond recognition and what is one to do when you've cupped it in your own hands i turn to the only real safe place.. the only true and pure love i have ever known he brushes my heart while the tears fall down washing away the sting

i breathe i smile i squeeze His hand back and whisper i love you too...

instead i allow my creator father and husband to sing those words to my heart i feel better i wipe the tears

God is my everything.  always has been.  He is where i run..i hide..healed..delivered..made whole i take trust and courage by the hand and move forward



---SHOP news---

we are closing the shop from March 11 - March 25

why you  ask?  my knees are shaking.  like i said above it is taking trust and courage by the hand. its a big part of our income

several reasons *we have been so humbly blessed with lots of orders for our sign "Meg's WONDERFUL sign on top of orders we have had ( you can use code WHATEVER for 20% off through Sunday)


*we have a fun adventure at the end of March that i have lots of projects to complete for

*ma house needs me to finish some stuff up too! painting or staining this x console table from ana white staining dakot's plank wall and painting our entry wall lots of pillows to make and the guest room/grandbabies play room to paint

and yada yada .. you get it right?  i smile

and moxie

is two weeks late debuting thank you mr. snowstorm.  we haven't been able to do our photo shoot but God willing this weekend.  fingers crossed.  i am so stinkin excited to open the shirt shop..i want you all to see the amazing shirts nikki is creating.  she rocks!

*plus we have a dear sweet sweet friend we have signs to finish up for and ship to her and we are in the process of creating some new signs for the shop

this is the "sister" sign to Meg's WONDERFUL sign.  19" x 26" framed and is all ROYGBIV'd for any special spot in your home...playroom...craft room or to add a pop of color in any room.  stop by the shop when you have time..would love to convo with ya!



girls we are stepping out of the box .  just a little:) and i feel so blessed to love love love what i am doing at this time in my life. it needs to be sprinkled with some balance though if i'm being real here

even good things can be stumbling blocks if not measured. and this old bag of flesh needs to be reminded that life is to be lived and enjoyed some not beat myself into a frenzied heap of a mess not good to anyone

what things are you needing to be reminded of lately?  perhaps balanced? are you anything like me in that you are doing so many things that before you know it wham!