are you ready for a peek at some MOXIE shirts?

hello sweet sweet friends!  our weekend was CRAZY!!  to much to do and not enough know those kinddon't you?

how was yours?   oh i sure hope it was good:)

..we are uber PUMPED about our shirts!  Shirts for ALL women - all AGES.  Shirts that tell a story...your STORY we got our little shoot in before the heaven's opened up with are you ready?

MOXIE -- a ridiculously COURAGEOUS clothing CO.


this TRUTH is what we want for our girls and ourselves!  tired of the anorexic skinny being what makes us "pretty"...ugh and yuck.  THIS shirt rocks!


this picture is sweet to me seeing my momma wear our I AM ENOUGH 64! YOU ARE ENOUGH mom!!


BE YOU you because THAT is what is BEAUTIFUL!

we are opening the shop this weekend March 16 so tell all your friends k?  K:) the SIGN shop is closed for TWO weeks we will RE - OPEN March 26th with some waaaay COOL signs and an incentive so mark your calendars.

this is just a peek at what is stay tuned for more designs and all the scoop on the shirts themselves...eeeekkk!

happy happy monday.....xo