a Raggedy Ann inspired birthday party...

your a grandma? with shock and awe it comes rolling out of peoples mouths. all. the. time.followed by

you look so young.  well when you hit your 40's ya start to go south...but i am young at heart..a little.

i will let you in on some secrets in an upcoming post (not to be a snob) but there are things one can do to not get stuck in a time warp.

speaking of grand children -  two of the four little hoodlums (as my friend sasha calls her kiddos)

well i am saying that affectionately but they really are hoodlums..they get into everything..fight and pull hair..steal food out of the fridge..paint nail polish on everything they can..and sneeeaky..they are the sweetest thing that ever i looked into and their smiles make my heart smile and i can take the longest deepest breaths of their smell. they are my grand flesh..a living part of crazy little me..and so when they asked to have their little party at my house why...i couldn't say no.

i made them each a little sweet "heart" T....

Chelsee & her brother who is growing a Duck Dynasty beard...he is not cutting it until March!! cracks me up!!

my daughter Chelsee...momma to my 4 grandbabies and the two hoodlums;)

auntie Nikki & miss K

auntie Grace & miss Khloey

thier momma wanted to do a raggedy ann party and she began with their names on garlands and that's where it stopped and we took over.  We ended up not using Raggety Ann herself .. just her colors and being so close to Valentine's day and all...red was everywhere.

Since it was just a small family party at our house we didn't have anyone to impress so we didn't get out the china. happy birthday to my Khloey and Karalina...you are my favorite 2 & 4 year olds in the whole wide world and you are some lucky girls to have such a young looking grandma.....wink wink

i will do a post with the recipes and such that we served next week..

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more on the RE-BOOT in the coming weeks too....stay TUNED!