when your child tells you she's unhappy...

mommy..i'm unhappy -- i sensed there was more so i laid on the bed with her and out it came.to protect her heart i will not share here but the words she said to me rang true and this is what they were

we need to re-boot our FAMILY

reboot mean to restart-put in a new operating system and turning it on

so we talked and decided that our first course of action to our new operating system is to do a major de-clutter! the kind when you bring in a dumpster we are cleaning out the entire house peeps..no small feat! throwing away - giving away - or storing in our shed

because here is the keeping it real part i am up to my eyeballs in work which takes over my living room due to lack of space downstairs I work seven days a week have very little time to really cook..or clean I have all the bills, doctor visits, phone calls, errands and you know all the stuff us mom's do

and I am full of stress and that is not good for my health

Does God use our children to speak to us?  I do believe so and that is what it took for me to "hear"  We need some major re-booting in this family. since i am the mom it is my responsibility to do something about it.

The first step to rebooting one's family

1.  find the main thing that is causing a bump in the road and start there take action

the dumpster is coming Friday and the kids and I have all agreed to work all weekend cleaning the basement out there WILL be pictures...:)  and LOTS more on this subject as we begin the re-booting process:)