one word for 2013 -- powerfull with two ll's

my word for last year was FEARLESS - you can click here to read more about that.

you ask what is my word this year?  POWERFULL with two LL's

well how did that come about?  reading Ephesians that this power that is within me is the exact same power that raised Christ from the dead I was a little embarrassed that I wasn't being so effective breaking through some places in my life where I was in bondage..or couldn't break a habit I wanted to.  I then realized that the problem wasn't with was within me.  BUT what was it?

I was expending my own energy..trying in my own power.  Well that works for awhile...maybe years but not without taking a major toll on your life at least for me.

ok....getting right to the point 

I am a little piece of dynamite { that is the meaning of the word power in Ephesians in Greek--kinda really cool right? } ..and if I appropriate it I am powerfull beyond measure ok..that sounds a little crazy prideful

let's put it this way then

I have a power within me that I can burn whenever needed.  I tend to go immediately to my own power and burn it for energy yes? but what happens after doing this over and over is I get burned out.  you too? yeah

SO - this year I want to choose to use the POWER in me as a regular source of energy in my daily living so that I will have more of me to go around because I will not be saying yes to every single thing nor will I care to be a people pleaser instead I will be focusing on God each morning getting my eyes and ears and heart ready to receive the sacred moments that He will place within my day.

when we use someone else's energy we are not using our own which equals us being less used up.   I am talking about God's power here not another person'!

 POWERFULL...with two LL's!  to two LL's say FULL and I love that word picture! I know you have a word for 2013...and I would love to hear what it is

I am FULL of anticipation for some things that are going on behind the scenes..but patience..ugh! be watching for my No Bake Cookie Tutorial AND we are going to share a crazy amazing hair tutorial as well that you will HAVE to try!

i read back through this post on where do you imagine yourself a year from now?  seemed like an appropriate time for reflecting on this

happy thursday:)....xotiff