how to organize your pinterest boards

 organizing my Pinterest boards?  I know right?  my daughter Nikki informed me that mine .. were .. in need of improving

i am all over the organizing frenzy that happens in January aren't you?  i know you are because everywhere I visit I read someone is organizing something-

and lets admit it that when things are organized we feel lighter - are less stressed and are able to function better.  I know I am!!

one of my goals for this year is to organize every inch of my home and computer (since I work from home an spend a fair amount of time on it)

so lets get on with Pinterest shall we?

 I have listed some reasons why organizing your pin boards might be beneficial...feel free to add more reasons or helpful things you have learned in the comments

really good reasons to organize you Pinterest boards

::change cover photos


::delete multiple pins

::delete pins in a wrong category

::delete boards that were no longer needed/necessary

::re-name my boards * cause when i began i had no idea what i was doing

::make it easier to pin because it is all alphabetized

::easier to use when need a board for a project

 Here is how you alphabetize your boards.  See the button next to the EDIT PROFILE button..kinda looks like a little SD card?  I have a black arrow pointing to it. click that.  Then you can move each board around.  Cool right?

ok done that?

 proceed to place them alphabetically by clicking on each boards EDIT or the big EDIT PROFILE button.

I had some boards that I wasn't using and a few like from my sisters wedding that were no longer needed so I deleted those.

YOU can also change the title, delete the board, select categories, give a description and mark who can pin.

I went through each board and changed each title to lower case letters...just a personal preference.  You can do whatever you love! now I am in the process of changing each of my boards cover photos.

Now some of you may say this is trivial and time consuming and you could be very right:) BUT I know now that it has helped me feel so much better about my Pinterest boards since I really do use Pinterest on a daily basis. Now everything is alphabetized and so much easier to pin than having to scroll down dis-ordered words


starting this month I am going to do a monthly post on DE-CLUTTERING my life.  We will start with once a month..if it wants to expand it can but for now--baby steps.

I am giving myself 2 goals each week to de-clutter.  No hurry - I have a busy life and lots of other responsibilities so this is manageable for me.

This week my two goals are

the hall closet kitchen cabinets

I will take before and afters and all the details when I post.  I of coarse will Instagram it so you can follow us at


you are welcome to join me if you want--

let me know if you make your Pinterest pretty....happy weekend friends....xotiff