do you have a little Peter in you?

have you ever said, " I feel like I am talking to a wall?"  I smile when I think - I wonder if God feels that way with me?  I hurriedly open the Bible or a devotional..while simultaneously flipping through my phone..writing a few important things down in my journal and call it good ALL without really listening.  UGH! ( STOP - do not beat yourself up here..DO NOT!  I can almost see Him smile knowingly.  We are flesh.  We learn slow:)  He knows this.  He LOVES you!!  The point is we learn and are teachable )

 Years ago I had a dear friend who told me I had a lot of Peter in me -- I didn't know whether to be offended or not:) Looking back -  I would have to agree.  Peter had such a heart for Jesus but his impetuousness .. thinking with his head and opening his mouth without first thinking of the consequences..coupled with some stubbornness got him into some tight places didn't it?

Sitting still for some quiet time (where I have a dialogue with God) I was reminded of Peter and myself - connecting the dots if you will.  Over the years I am learning to be intentional in slowing my mind my heart and as a result my days letting go of my loooong list of to-do's - people's expectations and mine - the fear of people getting mad - the doom of not checking it all of my list but most importantly and what is making the most impact is while doing the slowing -  is the  listening.  This is called dialogue. Jesus Calling the well loved devotional -- taught me this on a deeper level.  So while America will not be slowing down in the near future there is hope WE CAN..and I believe instead of me asking to get off this crazy train pace and while I cannot control the country I can control ME.

With my recent illness - my business - my family and all that entails I am finding peace within each day by simply having a two way conversation with my Abba.  Learning from impetuous Peter not to open my mouth to speak but to also take real time to LISTEN and to SEE what is around me..and I am finding all sorts of sacred special little miracles each day.  Lovingly gifted to me.

So what does all of this mean to YOU? well--this is the busiest loudest time of the year and all sorts of things can get lost .. mainly our minds. It is not worth losing the JOY of being with your loved ones...being thankful for just being alive and thankful for what we do have. Since Sandy Hook I think our whole country is more aware of what we do have don't you?  I know I am.

I pray for each of you to gift yourself with TIME..take time to talk....AND LISTEN.  God really does love to share His heart with you.  I pray for little miracles along your journey this weekend as we lead up the Tuesday.  May the gifts you open not only be material but also JOY - peace - KINDness - LOVE - gentleNESS - FORGIVEness - restoration - REbuilding - FREEdom - healING just to name a few.  These are free.

What are little ways you are learning to do to slow down this busy season..or anytime of the year?  Do you struggle with hurrying your time with God to get on with your busy day?  are you wanting to do something different in 2013?  I would love to hear things you have found to be helpful in slowing down to listen....xotiff