Christmas 2012 - seeing through a new pair of glasses


how was your holiday?  did you get to enjoy family?  take a a book..snuggle with the kiddos?  Did you way over eat? Ack!! me too!!  I can feel the spread but I refuse to think of diet until January 1!

remember my plan for the holidays here?   it SO didn't happen that way.  Christmas eve dawned with Nikki and I working long and hard days playing catch up due to my hospital stay over Thanksgiving and while we have the best most grace filled understanding customers EVER..there have been a couple who no matter what excellent customer service given..were being a tad scroogy.  It threatened to ruin my Christmas..I was on the brink of  tears and a chocolate cake!

enter into the story a pair of glasses.  These glasses showed me a whole new perspective.  I was able to sort through the truth and reality separating it from the lies and emotions.  The old pair of glasses were put away for the rest of the day..and gratefully so!

and for these recovering people pleasers it was making Nikki and I literally sick.  With that being said, we got 6 more orders shipped on Christmas Eve before the 5pm closing time... ( insert big ol happy dance here ) and took the remainder of the day off to go spend the night at my sisters house with my family!  We also decided to take Christmas Day off and just forget about business for one day.  It went waaay to fast but it was pure heaven--

We took long naps...ate pot chili...watched Netflix..pinned on Pinterest..and INSTAgrammed...

My grand babies came up on Sunday and we celebrated with our favorite local BBQ place openëd some presents and made some reindeer food before packing them up to go to their granny and pappy's for Christmas.

my point?  it is good to have a ''plan" but know that life has a way of handing us lemons but it really is my choice as to whether I make lemonade or not.  I can control responses my choices..but I cannot control other people and their responses or reactions. Any more than I can control getting sick.   Nothing is worth our health or letting something or someone ruin a holiday or any day for that matter.

and that is really a place of power isn't it?  knowing we can control ourselves and rise above circumstances all by changing what we are seeing through.

oh and yes...we will have all orders out by December 31 and we will be ready to start the new year fresh and just in case...I have my other pair of glasses.