printable Gift Card & my new crush...Chrissie Grace

  Hey:)  a happy Friday--I need coffee...a new be toenails painted..uh yeah..forgot I'm not alone--my brain is always making lists

I was at Target last weekend and the mood was quite festive.  I heard children squealing " mommy...and running to the bling"y" clothing " and couples sharing that would make a nice gift and another rather harried shopper telling her companion this is a Christmas gift. is upon us.  I have vowed to shop earlier and handmade as much as possible.  I thought I would share with you my new handmade shop crush with you.  I LOVE love LOVE shopping from friends and small handmade shops because I know first hand what time and love they put into their work.  It makes it SUPER me:)

**See the end of the post for our printable House of Belonging Gift Tag to slip into a stocking or under the tree**

In His Grace

 my new friend..I LOVE her heart for God..for home..for her gift she is bursting with joy and it spills out all over her makes me smile it makes me inspires turn it makes me want to inspire others..kinda like ripples will love her too:)  Oh..she opened for just two week..until November 15 I not much time!

HOW TO USE this Printable Gift Card

(This is just one way to support handmade businesses if you do not know what to have created for your special person)

~Go to Etsy and purchase one of their gift cards. ~Then send us an email at and let us know ~and we will do our part and email the gift certificate to you. Easy peasy!  Or if you have any questions or need us to create a gift certificate with more specifics all ya gotta do is ask.

***I am slaving in the kitchen today making over 100 cupcakes and a small wedding cake for my sisters wedding tomorrow...I can't wait to share it with you next week ***we have deactivated the shop for two weeks to catch up but have some exciting news around watching our FACEBOOK page and follow us on INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging to be the first to know:)

with all my love....tiff