i still can't believe i made a wedding cake...for a real wedding!

aiy aiy aiy in my best itailian voice.  I haven't stressed so much over a cake before..Cake Boss I AM not!  I don't know what possessed me to volunteer for this other than a genuine love for decorating/baking a cake and my sister...who would give me grace...not grief  if I screwed it up!  I think my style is perfectly imperfect..I have no real direction or training whatsoever which makes it all the funnier!

for all of you that asked yes...I did make it to the church with the cake intact. the ceremony was small..the food amazing and the priest?...a little weird...sorry Kami but other than that it was a beautiful time with friends and family...Nikki captured the couple before they tied the knot. Nik doesn't have a flash...nor likes using one so the inside photos are few but we thought you would enjoying seeing a bit of their day.

.................the two dresses I didn't wear................

After buying two really nice dresses I ended up wearing neither of them and wore a fun little dress I spontaneously purchased at our favorite store..Target:) and found some fun heels at DSW...I fell for the sweet bows...black tights and called it good.

Do you find yourself volunteering above your comfort level?  is that a good or bad thing?:)   it does challenge us doesn't it?