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------------------------MY hospital stay

It is in YOU that I move, breathe, write, create, dream, feel and have my being. I honor YOU today .our CREATOR .. my ALL..when nothing is going the way I think it should- when all is falling apart .. or maybe falling together..when letting go is the only thing left to do so one doesn't fall completely apart. I am so full of high dose inravanous steroids and pain meds that it has my nerves and emotions all over the place.  It is like PMS on SPEED. I've been sent home on a no taper high steriod until we can get into the surgeon  for a consult on having a colectomy.  I think I am done fighting and it is here I hold up the white flag.  Just another place to stop and build an alter to God--how gracious He is to let me find my own way there.


HOPE you girls are ready to follow me along getting a poop bag...I know! but it is what it is and you have to learn to talk about hard things right?:)  I will fill you in on more when it isn't a holiday...I just want to let you know I am home and doing as good as can be expected:) thankful for your prayers and love.....

(yes..the white things were on BOTH sides of the socks..this was a funny.  I sat the alarms off...oh geesh it was hilarious)

------------------------------MY HEART

the two most important days  in your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why." mark twian 

I feel as if I have let so many down with signs all kinds of projects for Grace and I to do to decorate the house on Friday for Christmas going to the nursery to get our fresh greens cooking Thanksgiving together black friday shopping and I am being rawly honest I am groping to find the gratitude tonight.  I know steroids are powerful and I am trying to give myself grace but I am so disappointed and feel as if all my plans and dreams for this holiday are just crashing down and then I think-- I don't have cancer, I am not homeless, I can move and on and I KNOW in my head what my heart struggles to catch up too. and this is where I life right now is maybe a new opportunity for me to listen...God wants to speak to me and I can be to busy to hear. Maybe it is another leg of the journey I need to get briefed on maybe it is a new leg of the journey..a change in direction or maybe it is just a place of rest and trust...watching and seeing how HE will work on my behalf and how I am going to handle the changes..the letting go. but can I share one more thing before I go? how much i love each and everyone of you?  if you could see me you would see real tears rolling.  I am over abundantly blessed to have all of you walking with me.  I feel it everyday. Most of my life consists now of online...why?  don't know yet.  Time will tell --but I pray each of you a thanksGIVING blessing: that you find JOY peaCe and TRust this holiday matter where you find yourself sitting today...KNOW we are not alone and HIS PEACE really is available.  I love you...and eat lots of food for me will you?

---------------------------------------------SHOP news! BLACK  FRIDAY

we are opening the shop out of love for our customers.  we've had many ask for a sign and we are participating in a black friday round up of sorts.  FYI - these orders will not begin until the new year..we are finishing up all of the patient friends who have ordered and are shipping out for Christmas.  The orders on black friday and on will begin production on January 7...and shipped 4 weeks from the date of production. We are finishing up our new blog design & Etsy shop design so things will be changing soon....super excited for that!  ... see I DO have things to look forward to! We do have new signs to share so be watching for those....a wee bit behind:/

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