holiday bi-polar - and happy balls!

have you stood calf deep in the ocean and when the big wave comes you have to brace yourself?  you can feel the force of the water and tighten you leg muscles? and then the relief when it subsides out to sea again-- only to come once more?  that is how my emotions have been the last two days.  moments of panic-overwhelm to not asking for help to feeling alone to focus Tiffini and boo hooing in the bathtub for God to help me...rather fickle isn't it?  we all go through it..this journey of life.   I am slowly getting better...

a plus:: didn't eat SO much junk this eat so much carbs and meat that all you want is THAT sounds good!

 a few snapshots of some of our CHRISTmas decorating we have been doing each day...I will do a full post on down the road once I am feeling up to it.  Right now it is a crazy hot mess...the house

 make a happy ball garland for someone and I guarantee it will bring a heart smile!

 i am obsessed...

i too thought my thanksgiving week would be way different.  soooo didn't happen that way so we are making the best of it.  I sit and delegate..not a bad deal right?

another plus to being laid up in bed I found another new series that I am OBSESSED with...Made in Chelsea...have you watched it?  i have been practicing their "'cheeky'" is like listening to Adele in 10 different people!

I have went down to my concentration look and am now looking daily for the moon face to appear...i crave anything bad for me and NEVER feel full...i am eating lots of sugar free jello, snack pack pudding, white bread, eggs, mashed potatoes, macaroni and yes..cheese please...bland and residue I am:)

come over here and give me a hug--thank you for loving on me. we are watching White Christmas together on my bed...each with our electronic device


do you INSTAGRAM?  I can follow me @houseofbelonging...I am just SURE someday business will return to normal! what about you?  any new shows..series you could share with me?  I love the UK;) any crazy boo hoo stories from the bathtub...!  am I the ONLY one?:) when things go south from what you dreamt them to be what are some things you have tried that helped?  I'd sure love to hear...

moon face over and out...xoxo