what does a baby cow being born have to do with STORY?

THE anticipated day trip had finally arrived dawning all crispy..a made to order day for wearing boots-crocheted hats and plaid scarfs.

Nikki Grace and I headed over to pick up my mom and met the other sisters for the hour..ok hour and a HALF drive to Osborn, MO Shatto Dairy Farm.. you kinda get lost out in them there sticks but it was a farm/barn/cow/landformiles kinda girls dream.  Someday...looong sigh


she was a little shy about squeezing...although very funny to watch

but not Evan...

he got his my sister good...ha ha ha

Things like this make my heart want for simpler days.  The memories of that day I will treasure.  I didn't expect to enjoy myself so much..Nikki and I sat on a front porch swing and wished it were ours:) I wondered about the owner's story.  Did he know this was his dream?  did he work years for it..starting small and watching it grow only to stop at a certain point knowing that this was enough and more would be greed?  Did he sacrifice 'years' to work hard building the dream?  did he have deep valleys and high mountains too?  would he..if he could..go back and do something different?  does he wake each morning with a peace knowing he did what he could?  does he have integrity knowing he did it the right way?  or does he wish he wasn't doing this at all and not yet have found his passion..his purpose?

they showed us how they bottled the milk.  The milk in our stores can be same day milking?  crazy huh?

I wonder about his story..someday my kids might wonder about mine and I want them to be able to see..be witness to..dream building and what God can do with a heart that trusts Him. to teach them about STORY..their story..their dream..their CALLING cause my job really is to hold their hand so far and then give it to the One who knows their dreams I am to be the one who wipes them off..dries tears..and cheers them on again as they venture out writing their stories.

pure craziness - we got to see a first time mama have her baby.  See the hooves sticking out?

I have no idea what a baby cow or visiting a dairy farm has to do with STORY but the owner has one and so do we..and that kinda stuff just makes my mind ask all sorts of questions:)

and this girl just HAD to finish her dairy farm experience with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich right from miss Audrey the cow...the end

Grace's last "real" costume...October 2011:(

Enjoy your evening fun tonight...I am staying in and working.  I'm not much of a Halloween girl..my holidays are fast approaching though:)