trees really do smile:) a fall homecoming

  I am immensely enjoying living a wee bit vicariously through miss Grace.

She is full of sunshine and smiles..always.

I don't ever wake up one day and not thank God for where we are at as a family right now.  The decision Grace made was hard.

It was a little lesson that will be a an adult lesson someday if you live your life brave and go down the road less will face giants of all shapes

and sizes and this was in Grace's world...a giant.

God answered our prayer in a very real and big way.  Grace is thriving!  She has a posse of sweet girls who I am coming to love.  They all came for a visit

last Friday to get ready for Homecoming. ( makeup, perfume, hairspray oh my!!)

DO you remember your homecoming? games, school colors, parades, friends, staying up just says fall doesn't it?

I am forever thankful for this answer to prayer.  That her smile is for the first time in years...genuine.

I know that smiles hide many things and can be deceiving can't they...even for children.  They learn to play pretend at very young ages.

One of my deepest desires and I know yours as to see your children thrive and if your anything like me - you would run to the moon and back to

do whatever you had make that happen.  Sometimes answered prayer isn't always the yes we are praying for...I've had more no's and waits than I can

even count...but this yes...I treasure.

I am again reminded that God is still the God in Isaiah..verse 10  
Are you not the same today, the one who dried up the sea, making a path of escape when you saved your people?

This was a good day.