store closing...explained:)

hello all of you delightful hearts:)  how has your Tuesday been?  I'm going slightly mental but I am sorting it out.  It is a good mental..if there is such a thing.

here is to hoping I make sense....

I have had lots of questions on the shop closing and I wanted to clarify -- here are the main points

:::YES - we are still open and accepting orders until the end of get em in!  This includes custom orders too.  Don't forget our 15% off coupon over at Becky's


::: Our last ship day is December 16

:::Believe it or not we have trouble with customers reading that these are hand painted signs...they literally take 6 to 8 weeks.  I cut, prep, paint and build each sign by myself.

I haven't changed over to vinyl or stencils yet.  Not sure if I even want to.   I am a single mama for the most part but am blessed to have my oldest daughter Nikki with me who I swear we are two people that make a darn good "person";)  I still have my home to-do's like laundry, cooking, cleaning and kids to take care of and go see their activities and I enjoy and desperately need time to spend with Jesus everyday AND I am starting to fit exercise back into my day.  ALL of these things need to come before my work and to be honest .... they have not.  I put so much of my life on hold to paint.  I am literally working from the time the kids go to school and often in bed painting while I watch DVR's of The X Factor and such.

I am working on balancing out all of the above so everyone is the customer included:)) YOU support our family in a big way.  Much like Sasha I'm sure you do so much for us you will never ever know this side of heaven.  Someday I am going to write I book...not kidding!  and I want to mention every single one of you!  I think that is why I am so consumed with working.  I'm thankful and honestly...a little fearful.  Honestly I want to give each sign my special attention.  Yes..there are 30 orders ahead of you and I don't think customers realize that:)

:::We are in process of creating our Winter Collection .. yet to be named .. for January 1 and I need some time to create and wrap that up so it is ready to go without worrying about orders.

:::The reason I want to be done on December 16 ( last day we ship ) is so I can concentrate on my family only!  Kiddos are off school those couple of weeks and I just want to be a mama

make memories and just enjoy the holiday.  I KNOW all of you totally understand this--

my Conundrum!

Do I still take orders through our off time knowing those customers will be first in line when we re-open in January?

 My fear is they won't read and know we are not working on new orders until we re-open and then be upset?


I hope this helps a bit explain the shop closing for two months.  


Pinky Promise that we are re-opening with some amazing new creations...I wish I could share but I can't...yet!  you will have to wait for it.

We will be offering some sort of coupon...or something fun for the new collection as it draws closer.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

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