Pinterest is giving me my MOJO back!

we made's Friday!  thank you for all your input on IKEA!  Nikki Grace & I have been oogling the magazine.. but I got some funny coincidental news to share.This has been my inspiration picture for Dakota's bedroom and guess what?  Nikki found out most of what is in here is from where? IKEA!  a God thing?  I think so!

lovely image sources are Just a Girl & Handmade Home...thank you:)

This weekend we are going to be prepping Dakota and Grace's room for paint on Monday..and I am super duper excited!!  not to move stuff but just to begin in another part of the house.  I am going for it girls.  I'm getting my MOJO back...we all get in slumps sometimes but what is important is that we get back up right?  So let's get started...Here are both inspiration pictures.

I don't want to pin just for pinning sake...I want to use my boards to make my visions come true.

I believe that is one of the biggest uses for Pinterest is

::a tool in our virtual toolboxes ::the gasoline to our fire ::its the first kick start to our motorcycle ::the yee in our yeehaw

What are your projects for the weekend girlies? How are you "using" Pinterest? If your not--then let's get busy and fix that..the holidays are coming:)

oohhh...and the blog redo?  is coming along AMMMAAAZZING!  I cannot stand it!:)

I leave you with this song if you watch it picture us all as the girls in the video...and then laugh..and laugh HARD! ( this is the kinda music I listen to when I'm creating signs...thank goodness ya'll can't see me )