our dining room {1x12 boards turned rustic shelving}

Our little dining room is a lot like me..it has been undergoing lots of changes in the last year...heart and home...you see?  they do connect..wink

It started out like this

to this

then to this

and then...

and over the weekend to this...and we LOOOOOve it!

I couldn't wait to show you..now it is not perfectly filled up with perfectly placed vignettes

but I am tired of dragging my feet so I am doing what The Nester says and taking it to heart

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!   can I hear an Amen?

I had four 1x12's leftover from making mason jar chandelier's..all I had to buy was brackets...which honestly were more expensive than

I thought they'd be...geesh!  8 bucks each!

The hardest part was deciding on what bracket to use...did I want to go industrial or corbels?

I went with these brackets cause they matched the door handles and honestly it was all they had that I even semi loved at Home Depot.

Lissa's was my inspiration..with the warm wood and white.  One of my favorite looks if I do say so.

I mixed some Early American and Jacobean to take some of the red out of the Early American...don't know if you can do that

but I did and nothing bad happened...

The green dresser filled the spot for a short while but we are all giddy about our shelves over here at the House of Belonging...

we stop and just stare..and smile and say...I really like that!  no wait..LOVE that:)

Now I have a place to put my white dishes I am obsessed about now

I know I'm going to need more shelves soon...

Grace loved them so much she framed a picture of herself and snuck it up there with Nikki and I thinking

the other did it...neither of us had the heart to say...that doesn't really go there

and then laughed like crazy when Grace quietly giggled.

That's our Grace...

(this sweet sign is available to purchase in the shop)

but on a serious note...stop dragging your pretty little feet and just START!

One area..one thing..it doesn't have to be perfect...

the only thing that matters is you are making your home beautiful for YOU and YOUR family.

now go get some chips and guacamole for me will ya?