'one' book that changed my life forever & a GIVEAWAY

a gift opened that immediately turned my heart cold..

how dare she?  I was offended but isn't that how truth comes..like alcohol to an open wound

and we can do one of two things

open up and allow the cleansing even though it is painful


close ourselves up and let it continue to fester

thankfully the anger turned and I chose to open up

The very first tear he made was so deep that I thought it
had gone right into my heart.  And when ( Aslan) began to
tear the ski off, it hurt worse than anything I've ever felt.--C.S. Lewis

for me the tear came in this book and I can say this only in hindsight.

I was taken to church by my dad and step mom at around age 9 and I still remember hearing God..knowing Him..believing Him

but as I grew up "church" mingled with the lies I believed about myself, others and even God.  Flesh and spirit battled and resulted in me

working myself to death in the church and learning to study with Kay Arthur's Precept upon Precept.  I eventually taught Bible studies

and all of that knowledge I had in my head..most was not digested and allowed to give nutrients to my spirit.  You see I was a ravenous student..

I took every opportunity to learn.

I wanted to please my father..after all don't you owe someone for saving your life?  loving you?  It just seemed natural to me.

God saved me somewhere along the way..I have a real relationship with Him..but I had a TON of UN learning to do and the purpose in the last decade are becoming


 You see...God just didn't leave me to flounder ( even though I felt He had during this time ).  He heard the many prayers to change me O God..

Into that tear God poured Grace...and I've been learning about grace ever since.

The funny thing about this book is I have since re-read it three times over in the last 10 years or so.  I rarely do that.

Learning to take so much truth in and then learn it..live it before moving on.

Last week I saw it laying there and I knew

the spirit was nudging me to pick it up and I did and do you know what I turned to?

yeah...the Aslan quote...and that deep sob stuck in my chest...and wouldn't come out.  I knew there was more to uncover..more that God is going to show

me about myself.  More freedom coming...more grace but I was a little reluctant to submit.  It ALWAYS hurts to hear truth about yourself.  It is ALWAYS

easy to tell someone else the truth about them isn't it....yuck!

but in the end I am submitting because I truly want more freedom...I want to grow.  I am learning to be ok with my weaknesses.  I have a lot of them but

God is soooo lovingly showing me that it is in my weaknesses that I find Him.  I've known that for years but really experiencing it so that I come away different...

to where I handle life circumstances different...THIS is what beckons me on..to keep chasing hard after Him.  His hands on my shoulders yesterday letting me know I was ok..even when life hits a few bumps..makes all the difference in the world.

Truly this book has peeled me like an onion...and I love Rose Marie's story SO much that I want to share it with one of YOU!  I wish I could buy it for everyone!!  I do!

If you are tired of having the mindset of a spiritual orphan and would like to begin LIVING as a daughter of the King

please leave a comment sharing one of your "must have" makeup items.

I will announce the winner in Friday's Post.

I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite country songs right now:)  Wanted by Hunter Hayes...