have you shopped at IKEA...your thoughts?

when life throws me lemons I am working on learning to make lemonade...let's just be honest  here that none of us live in a perfect Pollyanna world..that is TV and books and it sure isn't my life. SO this week when the moldy disgusting bathroom and kitchen..both have to be gutted and the only pretty little spot in my house is the dining room despair finally pulled my foot hard enough to pull me under and there I stayed for several days.

Once in awhile seeing the light of the surface but one trip to the bathroom or pouring Drano down the kitchen sink pummeled me back under. Self kept telling self that I am 45..I am more dead than alive and I just want a house that is clean gosh darnit!  I know there is no possible way to afford a new kitchen or bathroom in the near future.  Keep dreamin girlie...well...I do dream:)...often  If you have children then you know that the last straw can come when one of your offspring tell you how disappointing you are as a mother...ugh and geesh! ( and I am almost certain I never did that..wink )  Suffice it to say I was an unraveled heap of flesh needing some serious God intervention.

but you know what kept looking at me?...our Grateful sign!  please and really?  I have a valid point here and I can still see myself stomping my imaginary ungrateful toddler foot all the while my Father who knows me knows me...waited.

Didn't I have a roof over my head? weren't there so many people all over the world that had it way worse than us? didn't you want a house you could remodel..well yes but I don't have an unlimited credit card or any credit card Father I can almost hear his lips turn up..and his breath exhale

and by the way sweet child...do you know the future?  and again...do you know what plans I have for you? how do you know tomorrow isn't the very day everything shifts?  do you really think it is all about you? ...and it occurred to me that I was being quite disturbingly like my child who had his own fears and wounds

so where does the lemonade come in?  cause I am sure looking at some lemons...

well in this little gem of a magazine that came in the mail of course!  the gears of my mind are turning again..thinking of ways to accomplish a kitchen/bathroom reno with very little money and NOT look like it.

so here is where you come in sweet friends...

have you shopped at IKEA and is the quality of things as nice as I hear?

do tell...fill me in.

oh and one more thing...

I began praying again for God to help me with our kitchen and bathroom..to open my eyes. funny how I forget to go to Him first and nothing is to HARD or to silly. After all our God holds the whole world in His hands...

would you love a glass of lemonade?.....xotiff