Farmgirl Paints & a Discount & a winner!

GET down spin AROUND and let's have a PARTY!!  It is FRIDAY!!!:)

I wanna share one of my girls..Becky over at Farmgirl Paints..with you all today.

She paints smiles and love all over the place.  She has a raw authenticity about her that immediately drew me in.

Do yo wanna know how I came to know Becky...I thought so;)

isn't she a cutie? someday I'm gonna squeeze that neck--and I Looooove that crusty truck your sittin on!

Not long after I first began blogging I did a Word Women Series on Wednesdays where I asked special women who I felt led to share a little of their stories.

When I hit send on Becky's email I just knew she would never answer me back....heck she didn't know me from a man in the moon!  

To make a long story short she DID answer back and graciously shared a piece of her heart .. you can read it here.

If you have never met Farmgirl Paints and her sweet family you MUST go sign up to receive her posts via email..

She doesn't mince words.  She shares the ups and downs that hit at the heart of real life struggles of us real women...her heart for Jesus..#operationzipyourpants on Instagram..her hot hubby

her crazy awesome gifted little mini Becky photographer Big the way follow her on Instagram @bigchick7  and you will see what I mean

and the baby of the family Little Chick...who is growing into a sweet little lady.

oh..and you can follow Becky on Instagram @farmgirlpaints

Becky is my go to girl for cuffs and necklaces.  She is able to bring to life the words of my heart and puts it on jewelry to remind me who I am...

and who I am becoming.

Go see Becky so she can bring to life the words in your heart not only for YOURSELF

but for those on your Christmas list this year.

Becky is offering my readers 20% off her Etsy shop for the month of October!

Enter coupon code HOUSEOFBELONGING

this is a necklace she created just for me....

and this is a cuff Nikki bought me for Christmas...

and this cuff Becky sent as a sweet gift for my Grace..she hit the nail on the head with this one:)

Ok girlies...go get some Christmas shopping done and tell my sweet friend hello will ya?

love ya...xotiff

:::::::::::::::::::::::and the WINNER is:::::::::::::::::::::::

the winner of "one" book that changed my life is #7 my other sweet friend Tara!...yeah!!

I will send you a gift card for Amazon via email ok?  awesome girl...::))

from Tara...oh, i love hearing what the Lord has shown you about himself in this book. i love that he is peeling back the layers and reteaching you the truth about himself.
we all have things to unlearn. believe me….i’ve spent years in counseling unlearning.
favorite makeup essentials? my bobby brown mascara and my bobby brown eye cream (it’s like an eye shadow…stays on ALL day!!)