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 you know what I love about God and His Word?  

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it speaks and makes clear a hazy window and

how I am able to see life begin to fall into place like missing piece of a puzzle.  13 loooong years ago God spoke to me

much like Abram.  He told me something that was to hard..it didn't seem right and try as I may to understand it I couldn't and I became like Jonah

and while a big ol' whale did not swallow me...my circumstances did.  I swam around in the belly of despair for years

every once in awhile I caught some fresh air as the whale would come to the surface for air.

oh but God was always at work behind the scenes..never once leaving my side..waiting patiently for me to get tired enough

to do something different.

You see..when God speaks..sometimes we cannot understand it..rationalize it..and honestly it sounds crazy

and surely when we tell our friends they are going to think we've gone a bit mad in the head..mental if you will.

I'm sure Abram's friends thought he was too when they asked him where he was going and really

all he could say was i don't know..God told me to leave and go to a place He would show me

He didn't give Abram a specific place...Abram had to put one foot in front of the other and journey

building alters along the way...taking a detour or two

but in the end it boiled down to a human being listening to a Holy God..his maker

and living by faith even though no one else around him had the exact same circumstances

and God had not told them to do the exact same thing.

Abram had to trust God

and so did I

so I say all of that to say this....

if you are in a situation where you have absolutely no idea where God is leading you -- you have gotten to a place where you are ready

to be spit back up onto the shore of life again and listen to what God is telling YOU...no matter what people think OR if the dots don't all connect right now

Go back and read Abram's story ( Genesis 12 ) and Hebrew's 11.

and sit there..let it sink in...give God time to talk to you..don't just do all the talking

This morning I had a epiphany..

part of the beauty of looking back over my map of my journey is getting to see the fingerprints of God in hindsight.

I don't know the outcome of this adventure...I might not live to see the promise

and I really can't even begin to share it with many people...they wouldn't understand..at all!

  I've struggled with wanting people to understand and they just couldn't.

I have come to realize that people aren't going to necessarily understand my situation.  People

 can only know what they see through their own broken eyesight...clouded by their own judgments and woundedness.

We can't let people ultimately make our minds up for us for they do not know us completely like God does.

I just have to keep going the direction He is leading..trusting the words He gives me

building the altars

because there is a promise to me..and I can't tell you what it will look like

but I can tell you this

It was truly truly like the holy moment when God knew my heart and that I was serious this time and real doors began to open.
It was the craziest thing...I STILL cannot believe it!

God can do the unimaginable in your life.  Things you could not even think of!

and trust Him...to let go of human rocks, my own self as a rock and do the scariest thing known to Tiffini

is trust Someone...even when I had a fear that He was not going to let good things happen to me and if they did

they would be taken away.  That is what I thought...really!

Sasha shared this little study in a post and for whatever reason...God:) I had to buy it.  I was kinda making myself do another study and it is a good one

but nothing would ever jump out at me..ever been in one of those?  Other people can be moved by it..it just wasn't where God wanted me

but this was

I am only into the first pages and I am lit up like a Christmas tree...overflowing with someone else is like me!!

going around and shaking peoples shoulder's...I'm not a crazy girl...Abram went through the same thing and so did

Sarah and Noah and Enoch and Rahab and Moses and on and on.  Real human people who were not perfect but got back up and followed hard after God.

They didn't let their brokenness keep them down.

and the coolest thing right now is imagining them all in the arena of life...surrounding me

and you sweet friend

cheering us on in the race of life we are running.  And we are running....time is going by faster and faster and before you know it we are gone.

I don't know about you sister -- but I'm rejuvenated to run harder...NOT work harder or do more harder but trust God...

abandon my whole heart to Him

and lets see where the next leg of the journey takes us.