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Happy Autumn..isn't it a delicious time of year?  to me it is a pulling toward the home again.  On the heels of summer when we are all out and about autumn beckons us home again.

Preparing us for the winter...time to begin gathering.

We wanted to share our heart with you and thank all of you for stopping by and sharing your heart in words.

In our Love for People Everwhere Fall Table post were were asked where we got the cow paintings ( post coming on the cows ) and our GRATEFUL chalkboard.


Nikki & I were having a pow wow on what words we wanted in the dining room this fall and after many a no..no not that one..mmm maybe...

we both heartily agreed on these words

turns what we have

now what to put the words on..finally!  the perfect use for this old window frame leftover from our space at RE.

Off I went to cut and paint a board ( with chalkboard paint ) to fit inside after knocking out all the glass of course

and we chalked the words on and then dolled it up a bit with hooks, clips and an old cheese box ( all of which we had around the house)

hey Karianne...maybe we could add another store to the "side of the road store"... Bargain Basement?

whatcha think?

 the wise woman's first two stops before hitting Home Goods, Target, Marshall's and TJ Maxx { wink wink } 

We had so many emails asking where we got it and suggestions that we ought to make it a sign

and so we did and are offering it to you...our sweet friends


being content with what we have is a truth that one needs to practice like breathing..and a truth our family has been working on....hard!

The really cool thing about this sign is you can keep it up all year because one doesn't need to be grateful only at the holiday!

- here is what you need to do to enter to win the Grateful sign

leave a comment telling us one thing you are grateful for -- that's it girls.  Super simple.

oh...and tell your friends on Facebook, INstagram and Twitter will ya?  pretty please:)

thank you ever so much

hugs and happy Saturday

Giveaway ends at midnight next Saturday September 29.  We will post the winner on Monday September 30!