love people everywhere fall table:)

Hey ya'll...we are eeeeasing into fall around here.  Learning to savor the season.  I am not feeling overly holiday'y' this year more organic pull back to family-simplicity-living and loving

that sort of thing?

( this is our OLD HOUSE..we moved into our new home February 2014 )

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You know we just sanded the original hardwood floors in the living and dining room and took off all of the paneling that went halfway up the walls

put a new door in

which leaves lots of holes to fill, trim and a door to paint

 and lots of final touches so instead of leaving it all undone we pulled together what we had in the basement

and mixed it up with some of our new decor we have been saving up and sprinkled some handmade love in to make our dining room all cozy.

Today we thought we'd share a couple of pictures of the genesis...or beginning of our eeeeease into fall home and later on this week I will go into more

We are on the cusp of the season of fall joy..where colors are changing our landscape everywhere

just beckoning us to come out and play.

I am in the season of fall joy..where colors are changing my landscape everywhere

just beckoning me to come out and play...

because when I practice gratefulness it really does turn what we have into enough

He chose to die for ALL people ( the whole world ) everywhere and that is all I need at the center of my home to

say HeLLo AuTuMN...

and what about you?  what are you thankful for right now?  I would love to hear...:)

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sharing our joy over at The Lettered Cottage:)


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