I now interrupt regularly scheduled blogging...

wondering why I'm on the floor?  I might as well been throwing a temper tantrum cause that is what i wanted to do...ha!

It works for kids but I don't think i would have the same outcome.  Walking downstairs Sunday morning I turned the corner into inches of water with toilet paper and poop.

Gross I know but it was our reality.  An hour before Dakota's 18th birthday party -- I mean really?  just our luck.  Things always seem to happen to me when I am

downstairs...like there is something funny about watching me fuming and climbing stairs...weird.

After the grasping in my brain for something anything to keep me from going over my proverbial edge

(things like this send me crazy).  the kids and I spent years of hidden craziness and I no longer have the ability to handle crises...especially financial...very well.

Hot water heaters going out, truck transmission going out and big ol sewer clogs are all new territory for me as a woman.  I've had a husband since I was 16!  He took care

of all of that.  Not anymore.  I am growing muscles...muskculls as the kids call it.  faith muscles.  If you have ever worked out hard you know how it feels when

you are growing muscles?

After taking my head out of the paper bag...kidding kidding

I was able to communicate with God long enough to say oh for the love of God please help me...instead of the first reaction..to lie on the floor and cry

I was able to do the next thing and make it through the party.

My sister { one of the two below trying to be cool for the kids when taking our picture...don't think that worked out so well } gave a friend of hers a call with several warnings

about how he had let her down the last few times and yada yada.  I had a gut feeling and even asked her if I should just go ahead and call a big plumbing company

The truth for me was I was afraid they would charge an outrageous amount to come out and my sister's

 friend was only going to charge me gas money so that is what we arranged.  9 am yesterday morning he came.

4 hours later and with no luck he informed me he hit roots.  Like tree roots and then proceeded to scare me to death with the scenarios could possibly be and told me to

call the big plumbing company.

I had myself all packed up from this house and moving by the time the second company got here.

enter plumber no. 2

less than an hour later he had us unclogged and had me signing on the dotted line.  He was kind and understanding and he didn't make me feel stupid for being at my wits end.

AND right from the start I told him I didn't have much money and he kept his word at the price he

quoted me.

I cannot tell you how grateful we all were to have a working toilet, bathtub and sink.  We were all reminded what gifts these are and how much we take them for granted


Lesson Learned

I spent more than if I had just called a reputable company that offered a warranty from the beginning.

I ought to have listened to my gut .. won't I ever learn that?

Plumber no. 2 said people do it all of the time.

They spend money renting snakes, buying chemicals and in the end have to call him.  I'm sure there are those fixes that men can do but in our case it was a little over 100 ft. out.

so next time you are being slammed with a wave

get up off the floor and up onto the Rock

look into the mirror and give yourself a thumb's up

an atta girl...you are doing it

we are doing it girls!

“And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. 
Matthew 7:25

 tommorrow we will be back to regularly scheduled posts..remember moo....watch out its coming?  here is another hint