house reno "sneak peek" finally!

" are you up mom?" text was my alarm this morning...5 minutes before I had to have Grace to school


no lunches and sleep crusted eyes while weaving down the road with coffee ( I did make time to put coffee in a cup ) in hand to drop her off

missing my 8:15 Dr. appt. ( cause I know I have a sinus infection )

loads of signs to finish by 5 to pick Nikki up to take them all down to the shop for next weekends sale

so as I sit here..kleenex in hand..wondering if your monday started off any better than mine??? I hope so:)

I am sooooo beyond over the moon excited that finally we have been able to

tear into this old house.

I can't wait to share with you what we did over the weekend

TIP:  always set two alarms when you have busted your behind tearing into your house all weekend off to pack and deliver lunches.

I love you all:)