'dreading the dress' for a wedding & Shabby Apple

Yee Gads as I roll my eyes...I have to buy a dress girls!  HELP --  You see I am NOT a dress girl on the outside.  On the inside I yearn to be one of those confident women who effortlessly wear heels

but the truth is I feel like a little girl trying to play dress up.  Give me some boyfriend jeans and a worn T and some Tom's and I am one happy girl!

Be open for change Tiff...be open.  This to can change right?:)

Nonetheless I am going to a wedding and not just any wedding...my sister's wedding.

Highclere Castle

I only have a few weeks to buy a dress.  Shabby Apple  advertises on our sidebar and when they sent me a 10% off code with their new collection Highclere Castle I wanted to share!  I have never ordered a dress online before.  Have you?

Kinda risky if you ask me..you know how hard it is to find something that fits in person...

I am new to Shabby Apple but all the themes of each collection are fantastic.

Now - I know all of them girls are models with legs a mile long and no ankle or knee fat to speak of so I am keeping that in mind...

It is an evening wedding and I am a guest (slash) cake maker...this ought to be a hoot.  You will be in for an adventure with this one girls:)

I have picked out three so far....

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Nikki chose this one for me.  It is RED...yikes.  It is sweet and feminine but I am not sure if I am that feminine.  I want to be.  You can do this Tiff....remember!;)

Did you know women do not wear traditional pantyhose anymore?

that is good cause I hated them but what to do for ugly legs?

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Shabby Apple has a fit finder and this is one of the dresses it recommended for me.  I love black and I think I would feel comfortable in this.

I could make it fun with shoes and accessories.

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and another the fit finder chose.  I personally liked this one at first too but then changed my mind.  After they chose it for me

I added it back to my list because I really do like it.  Don't know that I would do those shoes for a wedding...

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and I love this sweet dress.  Knees do show...eek!  don't you love the era?  Reminds me of the old days where mom's stayed home and managed to look amazingly womanly.

I could wear some really cute heels with this one .. like the animal prints.  Oh how fun!

Secretively I am anticipating getting dressed up.  Last time I had a party to go to I was sick and didn't get to go.

Here's to another chance at feeling pretty...and eating good cake!

Now let's say YES to a dress shall we?

Enter the code HIGH at checkout for 10% off.

do you have any fall weddings coming up?

what are you wearing?  or are you like me and dread the dress?

hugs girls