currently I am...more info than you want to know;)

Eating to Live not Living to Eat

Currently I am eating way processed stuff than I two bowls of cheerios and a poptart before going to bed last night kinda eating and it isn't even the holidays

which brings me into my health..I have fallen hard of the workout wagon..for two reasons..1) my crazy colon kept me sick for so long I just couldn't and 2) I am now working and

don't have the kind of time I used to have.  I am feeling better...thank you colon and I know I need to make time to do some walking.  I still do pushups, squats and ab stuff almost everyday..

and yes I can still rock out 20 man push ups;)

Monday I began a detox of sorts....I am keeping it simple with things like

--eating more whole foods and minimal processed ones

--a sweet treat is now just that...a treat...once in awhile...not after every meal

--water - a gallon a day...I will do an unsweet tea occasionally

Nikki's lunch at Chipotle's...a salad with corn and fresh tomato salsa and chicken.  Guacamole for dressing.  VERY good!

Starbucks Shaken Black tea..unsweet for our snack while perusing Target

aren't these sweet?  I thought they would be good for keeping my food journal in

For the {heart} of Baking

mini apple pies:) I made...

Currently I am  really loving to bake.  I think that originated with Sasha and that fear of piping moment...thank you girlie:)  Did I tell you I am making my sisters wedding cake, cupcakes in November?  I am!  We went shopping for her dress a couple of weeks ago and I think she picked the perfect one.  YES to the DRESS!

I made the best pasta salad ... EVER ever EVER please try it... over the weekend.  YOU have GOTTA try it!  Amazing!

Here is the Recipe..

I made those muffins on Pinterest with just two ingrediants ..I am not a fan.  Sorry:(  but maybe the cook

This creamy Kitchen Aid...for two weeks now I look:)

Time for a MAKEUP change

Currently I am wandering around ULTA to shy to ask for help picking out a shade of new makeup...geesh!  I finally pushed back the fear...excuse me..

and let her try various shades on me.  I have been a faithful MAC user for almost 10 years.  I have cystic acne and have bad skin .. some scarring and such so

I really don't lie when I it is hard to find a new makeup.  Honestly - nothing looks amazing on my skin...just the way it is but I was hoping to find something that I really liked..

and I did.  I also bought the brush she suggested and I am really happy:)  I am pushing myself to keep changing it up...once your past 40 one can get stuck in a rut and not realize

they are living in the 1980's still:)

p.s.  she did tell me to wash my brushes in Johnson's Baby Shampoo? I am ashamed to admit it may have been a year....eek!  but I did do it last week:)


Currently I am chillin at night with my girlies all piled on my bed watching our DVR are our favorites right now  Dance Moms, Kardashians, X Factor, The Voice, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are a few I can think of off the top of my head...oh and Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice just started up last week!  One of our new favs is Married to Jonas...they are adorable.  in a whisper voice i share that we do watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo...I know.  I just can't eat when I watch it.

At the Closet

Currently I am in need of clothes that have NOT been painted in...I realized I have not one hoodie that isn't painted I am in need of a small clothes shopping spree..I want to get some Victoria Secrets boyfriend sweats..ever tried them? they are wonderful!  some Frye Veronica Slouch boots in black ..will need leggings..note to self

Frye 'Veronica' Short Boot

these cute little Sanita clogs that are sold out in my size!!  Heard about them from Kel Hampton...and for 25 dollars!  I have no idea where I would wear them but just sayin!

I am on the email list for notification in my size though

some really fun dresses .. like this one below.  Target girls..just in.  I am really really liking the comeback of the 60 and 70's

and I am really using my Pinboard Big Girl Clothes to put outfits together since I have no natural ability whatsoever!

You are welcome to stop over and take a peek at mine...I would love to follow yours if you want to leave your name and such:)

Candle {LOVE}

Currently I cannot bring myself to burn an 20 dollar candle so I have found some in the 6 dollar range that don't smell cheap

and I can afford to burn everyday.   I have two favorites that just came in at Wal Mart...the one above and another that is

Caramel Pecan or something...I got this one first and then sweet Janie over at Janie Fox Talks told me of the simmering Apple Cider!  Fabulous...thanks miss Jannie:)


Quotes, posters, thoughts / Gifts


Currently I am making out my Christmas list  - I haven't figured out what to get everyone yet but I am thinking as much as I can  rom Etsy...  I want to momma's who have their own businesses.

Did you see this pin?  I thought it was a good guideline to follow?

I am praying for a good Christmas for the kids this year.  Not meaning presents but drama free!  filled with peace and love.  That is what I am praying for.


Currently the  dining/living areas is where we are concentrating on for the most part right now.  I have a few projects in the works that I will share soon.  I distressed all four of the yellow chairs this weekend and

am working on a plan for shelving on the wall where the green dresser is to hold our white dishes we have been collecting.

A Bit of BLOG news

Currently we are having the blog redesigned by Evenpar Solutions!  They are working on it as we speak!

We are SOOOO excited!

Nikki has done a fantastic over the moon job up until now but she is telling me she is ready for someone else to take over:)

I keep telling her she needs to design blogs for people...maybe if you all tell her!:)

well -- there are a few quirky things that are currently going on in my life

now your turn...tell me ONE..or more things currently about you

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