1 way to celebrate fall with the kids

..rain softly falls enveloping us in its blanket of gray.  I call that a perfect caramel popcorn post day don't you?

I was inspired by Six Sisters story of how their momma made memories to celebrate the turn from summer to fall with

Homemade Caramel Popcorn!  click here for their recipe

My kids are 13 & 17 but who says you can't start something new...

I was in the mood shall we say to cook and make some memories.  That is one of the best things about being a mom..the ability to control memories

I first began with a text to my mom asking her for her recipe.  I have good childhood memories of her popcorn balls.

After some searching she sent me this recipe.  I wasn't so fond of the word oleo...eww gross ... so I opted for Six Sister's recipe.

but I did add mom's optional vanilla.

to keep it real here - I am not the best cook but I must say that lately my baking has been turning out pretty darn good!

which is not good because I am detoxing myself off of sugar!!  craziness if you ask me

my sweet sweet daughter Nikki was up for another photo shoot and I think she captured it sweetly....

now you know we didn't drink the milk don't you?  ok...just makin sure.  It is called staging they tell me.  Ok whatever...

Nikki cut a simple brown lunch sack and hot off the stove we poured it in

and ate ( burning the fingers so watch out ) way to much.  It really was good ... :)

OK -- 2 tips 

first tip  when your kids are as old as mine you must make sure they are home when you do this little family activity!  It ended up they both

had other engagements...sad face for momma but they did enjoy it when they came home and I did feel somewhat like

June Cleaver


I got to bring some to my mom

second tip  Once it is cooled a little pour it out onto some wax paper or something to let it dry...breaking it up into individual kernels the best

you can.  I made the mistake of leaving it in the bowl and it hardened that way and I literally had to hack it out

maybe next time I will show you that photo...make a DIY food gone way wrong

anyway - I have loads of dishes and laundry to do and orders to finish.  Grace has a little friend coming over after cross country and I want to make

a little snack for them.  Be watching for her homecoming day fun.  Her school colors are orange and black and this is

the perfect time of year to make some fun stuff

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oh and one more thing...  My mom is giving away a pair of her curtains on my blog very soon...so stay tuned:)

Are you working on becoming comfortable in your own story?  smile...me too:)


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