looking at our lives as unfolding stories...

a modern day wild adventure

A wild adventure....

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what if we stepped back and viewed our lives much as that little boy who intently watches the ant carry a cracker

across the concrete with his new magnifying glass?

Just step back from our lives and observe them objectively.  Might this work better than how I am currently handling


what if we let the Author have free reign?

If one were writing or reading an adventure there would be lots of characters, setbacks, valley's and mountains, joys and sorrow

but we always know that the plot is leading to the end of the book...the climax.  What happens?

there is a purpose..an intent that the author is writing.

It is risky - I will give you that.  We do have to be vulnerable because we may...we will get hurt.

We have to be courageous because fear is begging to be our best friend

Persistence..fortitude..tenacity ALL will need to be tucked away in our survival kits.

But --  it might just open up a whole new world for us if we looked at our lives as unfolding stories

with plots brimming with twists and turns --  all written by the One who created our hearts and knows them more completely

than anyone.

As intricate and delicate with all content designed to change us..to strengthen..to reshape us

If we could just get our heads around trust.  To trust God in life's process with all of its beautiful messy allowing

our ugliest moments to become our crown jewel-

we might just have a best selling modern day adventure story....

I am sitting down by the lake as you are be reading this...for 5 days...deeep sigh:)

While I am here I am seeking God's heart.

When I return-- I am anticipating the next chapter of my adventure that is unfolding.

I can't wait to share it with each of you.

From this day forward if we daily would lift our hearts and hands..our will..to Him that He may write our

own unique 'best selling' biography's.

Let's be modern day adventurer's together...will you come with me?

Let's bring back a by gone era...one story at a time.

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i always love to hear story.  i would love to hear yours.  even in bits and pieces.