Grace's little makeover before 7th grade

hello hello all:)  We are back from vacation and took a few days to do some catching up.  How have you been??  I've missed you all.

 Have you been pounding the pavement of Target, Wal-Mart and every store in between?

The hardest part at least for me..

is getting back into "routine".  I am so not a morning up and at em' person.  Are you?

To celebrate Grace turning 13 last week Nikki and I took her to Ulta the night before school to let them do a little makeover on her.

Bonus was she got to spend her gift card she got for her birthday.

I am all about sweetness...I want her to be confident in wearing makeup but not look to made up...does that make sense?

I want her to be confident in how she looks and applying makeup and at the same time encouraging her heart condition because

that is what really makes us girls pretty--is our heart.

She ended up choosing some Bare Minerals foundation.  It is easy to apply for young girls the girl told us.

She chose a Cabana makeup kit from Benefit.... mainly for the eyeshadow and the blush stain.

I like the blush stain on young girls because it is a natural bubble gummy pink.

She picked up some Lip Smackers chap stick in Ice Cream Cake too.

We..emphasis on we.. picked out  Butter's Gobsmacked nail polish. { i like it for my toes }  and it is a  good Fall color.

We picked out all of her school supplies but not finding a zippered pencil bag she liked until

Grace scored this bag on the clearance rack at Target...perfect pencil bag!

Nikki and I heard at least 10 times...does this look ok?  is it to bright?

Another score at TJ Maxx...10 dollars...clearance.  SO for 15 dollars she got a fun albeit a little funky combo.

Had to be written in the stars. It was Grace to a tee.

Do you know what made my night was after we were all done shopping?  She looked at me and said...

" I feel for the first time that I am being who I am "

That is the scary thing about first days...being who you are..we take a risk being vulnerable.. praying someone will like us for who we are.

Not what we look like..dress like..or what we have.

Our kids feel just like we do don't they?

I can share with you all that my smile was ear to ear and at that moment that was all I needed to hear.

what about you and your kids?  is there anything you did with your kids as you prepared for the start of 

this school year?  Do you have a memory of a time when you took a risk and were vulnerable? I would love to hear...

some fun changes will be happening around here so stay tuned..


Nikki made this little collage of the last 3 years...kinda fun seeing the changes:)