conquering my fear of piping...

My smile was ear to ear....

Now I know it really pales in comparison to Sasha's...but I DID it!  I conquered the fear of piping!  I have never piped in my life and I was filled with fear and trepidition

begging someone to help me but since

there was no one I threw caution to the wind and squeezed the bag.

And away I went.  I admittedly got carried away and made it a little top heavy and on the sides I went up and down but who cares right?

oh...and the best part was the cake mix.

I used this cake recipe and it was out of this world good.  I got the French Vanilla like she suggested.

You need two boxes for a three layer cake.  I used Wilton 8" cake pans.

How do I know this you askf?  At first I baked up one box and one layer was itty bitty.   I baked up a second box and used just one of the two layers

equaling three.

Grace LOVES aqua so Sasha's icing color was perfection! and she is correct when she says you need a tiny tiny amount to color.

I also used Sasha's frosting recipe.  OH my goodness..WONderful:)

I purchased the piping bag and coupler she suggested as well.  AND the edible stars:)

our little star HAD to have the stars;)

I had to wing the 13 though as I only had little time since we were packing and leaving for the lake.  I used glitter glue and freehanded the

numbers and used icing to hold them onto the straws!!  It was all we had...I forgot tape or!

 I am officially crowned baker and cake decorator of any family function from hence forth..{ I nominated myself....shhhhhh}

the piece de resistance is my sisters wedding in ya can't wait for THAT post...hee hee!  That oughta be something to behold for years to come!

now for a pinapple cake for this Sunday.  It is my stepdads birthday and he LOVES pineapple.  Any suggestions?

The Lake and Cake and a 13th birthday with family was the best birthday so far miss Grace shared.

Cake Boss I am not but you know what?  I had a blast doing this.  AND I found something else I enjoy doing.

Walk through that wall of fear never know when you will fall in love with something new.

Even though I had a fear of measuring up to Sasha's and often we just won't try because we feel we are

not as good as someone else { and that may be true in this case; } but we don't know until we try and practice

makes us better!!

Now go ahead and tell me how awesome I!  You know I'm kidding right?  My weird sense of humor..I might have

had to much of Keurig's Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K cups this morning....oh well.

Now go out and have a splendid Tuesday OK?

Seriously Sasha - I am so grateful you shared this with us.  It made it easy to replicate and it was so pretty and Grace loved it.

You rock!!:)...xo

big hugs