need help learning how to take a "good" picture?

" Mom!...oh my gosh!

I know you've heard those words a million times right?

I did not receive the gene for taking pictures of people, places or things.


my oldest daughter did hence the " Mom..."  because often she can't believe I put that picture on the blog

you see she has an comes naturally to her...she taught herself.

well..not me myself nor I.

{{on a side note..can I whisper this to you?}}

is it just being a parent or am i the only one that as my children have entered the amped hormonal stage and even into

adult hood that i am hearing about all the things i do that embarrass them or that i do that is " oh my gosh MOM " worthy?


I am assuming this the numero uno reason Nikki sent me a text telling me about this class for beginners wanting to learn is called

Shoot Fly Shoot


NOW--I am in a super duper busy season of life right now and adding one more thing to my crowded plate I wasn't jumping for.

Later that day I went in and got some more info on this Shoot Fly Shoot...catchy name huh?

Unbeknownst to was Kevin from The Lettered Cottage.  I have seen their photography so I sorta figured it would be a safe bet.

I knew I needed something simple.  A photography for Dummies kinda thing.  My attention span is not very long these days nor is my memory...remember pre-Alzheimers

well-- when Kevin said there is lots of repitition I was hooked.

One of the main things I love about Keven and Layla is they take risks..they are all about following dreams.

They inspire others that nothing is impossible and they keep pushing the swing don't they? makes me want to push my swing a little higher.

That is the kinda friends I want surrounding me..what about you?

Sign me up!

I have watched a couple of the videos and they are EASY to understand..SEEING someone explain it to you.. to ME is HELPFUL...

so on my upcoming lake vacation I am going to sit by the pool and watch the rest of the classes...oh .. they aren't tediously long either which I love

and I think that might be a good time to put into practice all of what I am learning.  I really do want to be a better picture taker and I do so love it

(even though I really suck)  I think this would be the perfect time to do so when there are not many plates spinning..

I will have plenty of people and things to torture...baawwwaaaahhaaaa can you hear the ornery laugh?

so as not to be an embarressment to my eldest any longer I will persevere at this photography.

AND I might be able to use a real camera instead of my phone camera in the very near future



you all might reap the benefit of it as well.

If you are a camera dummy feel free to join me in class...might be kinda fun.  We could pass notes..grab coffee' at each other's house:)

I say all of the above to say this -- that is why when the post came out yesterday I wanted to be able to share them on our blog

so we joined their affiliate program....jump jump clap clap


I am going to have Nikki use random generator to pick a person from the book post.  There

were so many good suggestions I just couldn't choose one...I loved them all.  Be watching to see if it is YOU who won the

Amazon gift card in the next post.

Still deciding on what to read but I will let ya know when I do.  Off to do some more painting of signs...this is the dreaded move in week.

Kill me not really but you know what I mean....