how do you begin staging your home? is what I'm doing

I've lived in 14-15 houses - mostly in the same town - over the last 17 years.  You do the math.  I will save that explanation for Oprah when the book comes out.

I walked into a friends house once and it was so warm and cozy.  Full.  I couldn't imagine how one acquires so much stuff.

Where do you start?  It really did overwhelm me and I just didn't do anything.  Ever been there?

 Chalk it up to moving so many times, budgeting, and just plain ol being indecisive I have never

been able to fluff my nest.  I'm not going to bore you with the how's and why's I will just get to the point of the here and now.


this came yesterday.  I literally had to flag the FedEx guy down in my swimsuit..yes it was scary and that is why there is no picture.

He couldn't deliver it the day before and when we saw him driving past our house for the second time Nikki made me go running after him.

I think we decided on a name for her.  Betts.  After my grandma.  We loved the aqua and blue in her.

I want to encourage those of you..who like not have a house that is full of the little things.  Things that make a house a home.

My first hangup was I didn't know where in the world I would put that very first thing I would buy.  Nikki would all the time say...Mom, you should get this!

and I would always say..." where would I put it ? "

and so nothing would ever get bought.

so here is where the encouragement comes in...and what is working for muah.

Start with one room

::make a place to store it all.

::Buy pieces that you LOVE.  Don't worry about where they will go.  Not one bit.

Sound Easy?  Good.  It is.

We found these at an antique mall for 11.00!  They are perfect as is.  Where am I going to put them?  I have NO idea:)  That is the beauty of it.

::WARNING:  this can become an addiction.

(the buying and having no where to put it)

Nikki and I have been pouring over ideas for our lovely (not) old little kitchen.  We are juuuust about there.  Ready to tackle the tearing out the cabinets.  Only the uppers.

We have decided we are going to attempt the impossible.  Painting and sanding and...ugh... the bottom cabinets.

I want open shelving but the only problem is I have no dishes that match.  I know I want white dishes so what is a girl to do when you don't

have money to go buy all new dishes?  Hey - if you can't do one or two a week use what you have on the shelves right?  It is just dishes after all.  No worries.

::Buy one or two at a time

Nikki found a blog where she bought these dishes at Wal-Mart.  They are good quality and affordable and the look

like a high end dish.

So every week or two in my non food budget - I put in two dish pieces.  I am slowly acquiring white dishes.

By the time I get the kitchen done I just might have enough to fill a shelf or two.

Grace found this little beauty at Target this week.  You know the place right?  Right when you walk in the front door?


Don't you just love that section?  We bought two.  One for her and one for our office...maybe.

You could spray paint them or just leave them as is.  We are leaving her white right now because we do not know where she will end up.

Remember~ she is in our ever growing stash of home decor that we have no idea what to do with yet.

we also got these for Grace's 13 birthday party next month.  I am going to use them on her cake I think.  Pretty yes?

Decor Steals.  Need I say more.  Nikki is addicted and daily messages me.

Mom - you need to get on DS and see this.....and these little packages end up on my door step.

I do have to say there really are steals on there.  Thankfully it is decor that I love most of the time.

These little baskets too.  I ordered my fabric for the other side of my dining room window.  I am marking time in my week to finish up sewing

both panels so they will be totally done and I can mark them off my project list.

When our eyes spotted this beauty we knew we had to have it.  We said it would be our office INSPIREation.

Inspire being the keyword.  You can't help but fall instantly in love with Kelly Littman..owner of Farmstead.

She has a little shop in Bottom's Up.  Her little space is lined with cowboy boots and clothes and bags and we could just

buy the whole place:)

In our Link Party starting NEXT Friday...I was in the wrong week when I posted HERE.  Sorry:(  We will begin NEXT Friday!!

we are going to share all kinds of ways to take junk and all things ugly and make them functional, fun and usable for home decor.

 I had to inject myself with four shots Tuesday night.  Dr. is trying me on the Humira again..among several other meds.  I dislike giving myself

shots.  Especially when the medicine isn't putting me in remission.  Funny the things you can do when you think you could know?

Here are our go to places right now

Decor Steals

Antique Farmhouse

Thrift Stores...getting more pricey...just us or are you noticing that too?

Garage Sales

Home Goods


TJ Maxx

Garage Sales

Side of the Road

stay cool sweet friends....xoxo