easy soup for when your under the weather..

Is it Monday already? my how the weekends fly by.  I hope you got to enjoy some sweet moments or was yours crazy hectic like mine?

this just should not be so...

I am off to a rocky start this morning.  Not feeling well..maybe allergies and this throbbing headache that I've had off and on for the last three days.

To many things to do and little me is not wanting to participate today.  Can I pull the covers back over my head...wishing:)

I pulled this recipe out of my virtual box last night thinking it might just hit the spot PLUS it is a crock pot recipe which requires little from me.

thinking maybe you might be as happy to find something easy and comforting to feed your family as I was.

Grace has been sick all weekend as well.  Sore throat..stuffy so I started her in the red zone of her asthma action plan yesterday not wanting to end up in the hospital like we did a few months ago.

Vacation is just around the corner now...come on!!:)

5 Dinners in One Hour is a really handy little food blog.  I found it over a year ago and I often use this recipe in the winter because it is so simple and pretty darn good.

Nothing fancy by any means but who needs fancy right?  Since we aren't feeling all that well I thought this would hit the spot and we do have A/C..of which I am so grateful for...

cause you do sweat when you eat hot soup..or at least I do.

I really really think you will enjoy her blog.  SO many helpful and easy ways to prepare dinners..plus menu plans.

I changed this recipe up a little by:

Click here for the RECIPE

~using all chicken broth and by that I mean when it calls for 1 cup of water I use chicken broth.

~I use 1% milk and the kids still eat it...just sayin...but you could use any milk.

~I do salt and pepper it some because it doesn't call for that although not much.  It is easier to let everyone S&P themselves in their own bowl.

~I double the recipe because we eat it for leftovers the next day...like I did today for lunch.

~I was out of bacon bits...big BOO! but grated cheese sufficed.  Bacon bits really make it yummier:)

well - I think that is it for today girls.  I hope you have a good evening.  Stay within today with me...let's don't worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a new day right?

A new opportunity to start new.