DIY gone wrong..painted striped floors

How to kill your family in their sleep.  We all laughed thinking of all the funny blog posts one could do with DIY's gone really wrong.  Hence the mask.

This was taken in my bedroom late at night while we were all huddled in there bemoaning what in the world we were to do.

Here is a very basic idea of my home redo plan

I've said it here many times.  I am on a cash budget = a project at a time.

I make a list of all the things I want to do room by room.

I then make a projected budget for said project.

I search Pinterest for ideas.

and start a project

I have many I will be sharing with you now...I am SURE there will be "oh my gosh" moments.  I am not a pro:)

 <insert crazy scrunched up face here>  since I can't see you in person...that is what my face is doing subject but we ate here yesterday and!  5 Guys Burgers..heard of them?  so want another one right now

Growth comes in trusting God in the process.

Yes I bring God into even my home decorating.  Trust me...I need it!

I can't have the house..or a whole room for that matter redone at one time.  I have to learn to be content with a project.

Grace's room has no insulation.  It gets SUPER cold in the winter.  Eventually I am going to have to gut the room and put up insulation.

In her room we are doing things that do not cost to much money because we will eventually tear it out and throw it away.

I want to do painted floors in my kitchen and Grace...the crazy girl she is said, " let's paint stripes on my floor".

We had painted the floor white a couple of months ago.  The hardwood is original to the house and is about 40 years old so it isn't in the best shape.

And the white floors showed so much dirt so why not?

We picked a color out of her bedding which we got from Target.

 I love her vision for the room.  She calls it vintage bohemian.  It is bright and wild and really opens wide the door for creativity!

I am teaching her to make the best of what we have.  You can make it look really pretty with paint, furniture, linens and pictures.

we tried 3 colors first to see which ones she liked.


 we vacuumed and mopped the floor first

The color we chose was SW Definitive Yellow but I had it mixed at Home Depot in Behr's Self Priming Interior Flat Enamel.

We got our supplies of tape and brushes

I taped off the room and labeled my pattern starting at the far end of the room.

Grace painted most of it herself and this helped her stay on track.

I have to tell ya though...those stripes can make your eyes go crazy!

  Bright huh?:)

Doesn't everybody paint in their pajama's?

 She is waiting on me to help hold the headboard and footboard.  We are adding a final coat to the bed

and then off to get a mattress.

the moral of the story is....

read the can!  I thought I was buying a waterbased poly.  I think I read so many cans and since I am on the brink of Alzheimer's I picked up the wrong one.

It was a laquer.

When I opened the can it smelled up the living room almost immediately.  That should have been a red flag.

Instead of listening to my gut I proceeded to roll the floor with this stuff.  It smelled our whole house up!

Windows were flung open..mind you it was 100 degree's outside.

I finally put a fan in her room and faced it toward her open window.  Shut her door and placed a rolled towel under the door.

An hour later the smell had dissipated enough for us to feel safe going to sleep:)

It gave it a good enough coat to make a nice sheen and give it a little protection.

I just want it to last a year at least.

She really loves it and we are excited to go on to the next project.

Here is my list as it stands now for Grace's room.  I also carry measurements of the room and windows with me.

You never know when you are going to run into something while out beauty hunting:)

Grace's Room To Buy

a full mattress for her bed

big full length mirror

a really crazy lighting fixture

lining a roller shade with fabric

curtaining off her closet

spraying the wall lights and redoing the shades

a big ol rug

and baseboard...

It is hard sometimes picturing it all done isn't it?  I look at the baseboards and it drives me crazy that I just can't go buy them right now.  It looks so dirty without them.

Life isn't a McDonald's drive thru though is it?  We are programmed to think that way about every area of life.

The good in all of this is it helps me to slow down and focus on the process.  To be in the moment and not next week or next month or year.

I have to be humbly honest here and say that over the last year practicing this .. making it a habit in my daily life has helped me eliminate some stress.  To be

more grateful.  Living within each day is SO much easier.

now it is your turn..

have you had a DIY gone wrong?

do you often wish for drive thru decor?:)

do you decorate one project at a time or do you do the whole room?

( I won't judge you if you are able to do a whole!  I said today if I had a charge card I would go to Home Depot and

buy all the lumber to add a screened in deck and a deck around the pool! )

may you live your weekend 'all in' the crazy beautiful you all