are you a "gut" listener-my gut gave us a pool:) and a question

what did you do this past weekend? to!  Here I shared with you about the pool our neighbor was going to give us remember?

"How did that happen," you ask

Well grandma was visiting one day and the busy bee she is knows all of the neighbors.  She left and came back an hour later sharing all of the neighbors business...need I say more:D

gotta love grandma:)

anyway--she nonchalantly mentioned this neighbor was going to get rid of her pool.  They are a married retired couple with no children and no longer use the pool.  The pool is 18 years old mind you.  After meeting with her I now know why the pool is in good shape for it's age. She is meticulous.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this pool kept nagging at me.  " I should just go to the door and ask her...I reasoned with myself.  Remember here how I said I struggled with answering phones and such.  Well..this was definetely stepping out of the box for me.  A few weeks later I was getting my hair done and my adorable hairdresser was listening to my sorrowful woe is me story of this pool that I just couldn't get the guts to ask.  She proceeded to tell me of their pool...and how she LOVED it and when they moved she was ready to kick it over the hill.  The though of moving that was unthinkable to her.  But to her husbands credit he reminded her how much she loved it and he went about moving the pool.  Moral of the story she said is it IS WORTH IT.

ASK silly girl!!

My gut was telling me to go ask.  Every time I drove by the house...nag nag nag.  Well - we asked and she answered and we now have a pool after a week of wanting to kick it over a hill.  There were many times we wanted to quit.  Working in days of 100+ weather tempers would flare and #@!# if you know what I mean.

Except for Grace.  She was tenacious. She encouraged the whole time.  She worked like a dog in the 100 degree heat.  I am so proud of her.

There were SO MANY pieces.  You have to remember where everything have to level the yard first..pour sand

How does all of this metal going to take the shape of a pool again?

My lesson in all of this you ask?

I need to listen to my gut even more.  It is usually always right.  Often God wants to give/teach/warn and I ignore it.  Rationalizing it as nothing.

I often want the big picture.  I see it all in my mind.  When dreams are being birthed the process can be painfully slow and I have a tendency to want to skip over pieces to get to the next.  Problem is

things don't fit together right if you skip a piece.  Ever been there?  It is a HARD sweat and tears kinda work BUT the gentle whisper that came to me through my angel in disguise neighbor one day who so graciously helped us was

piece by piece child ( he is the guy with the long grey hair.  He speaks in this soft gentle calming voice..and when that came out of his mouth I listened!)

piece by piece


does everything have to be a lesson for me...yikes!

We still have to put up all of the railings and put some sod down and replace the moldy carpet on the deck but it is filled with clean water and the kids are having a BLAST!

I am beyond grateful for this gift.  We are over the moon.  A side note: she gave us all of the stones she had around her pool too.

You know what I'm thinking right?  FIRE PIT baby!!  I found some tutorials on Pinterest of course:)

There is so much work to do to this house.  You know..the big picture in my mind right?

But as for today I am grateful and content with this "piece".

Enjoying the journey of rebuilding our lives.  It is a slow process for sure but let me encourage YOU to hang in there.

God can and does make beauty out of often He has to wait for us to go back and pick up the piece.  You know the one?  the one we skipped over.

Now it is your turn--

are you in the habit of listening to your gut?  If so -- what are some things that happened to you...good or bad for listening or not listening?

I'm off to the Dr. and then run some errands.  Home Depot here I come to pick up some fun things to work on the house with....have a good day....xoxo