2 {must haves} from Target

 Savoring  weekend mornings before the house wakes up..the sound of the night turning into morning.  Have you noticed night sounds different than day?  :) me too!

Taking in the swimming moments..eating watermelon..the smell of sunscreen..just the overall slowness of summer AND finding these fun little things at Target.

My weekend was something like this..how was yours?

Since I couldn't call you on the phone to tell you I will share it here.

We put ourselves on a Ramen Soup kinda budget this week.  For several reasons.  None of which are extenuating..You all ever been on a ramen soup budget;)  Well -this fun little piece of cookery comes in three colors and I of course chose the aqua because it goes with my decor.  It is FAST..simple and all of the kids can do it.  You put the noodles in.  Cover them with hot water and 4 minutes in the micro and BAM!  Done.  Anything that gets my 17 year old son to cook..gotta be a keeper.

and these.  These spoke to me.  This stuff is actually for college students I think.  But hey - these also came in 3 to 4 different colors.  I got four of the bigger flat bowls and four of the yellow forks.  I just couldn't help the forks girls.  I have no idea what to do with them other than eat with em but they made me happy.  This week I am praying they have the little bowls and the even littler bowls-I want them too.  I think they will look cute stacked together on my open shelves in the kitchen ( that I will have someday:)

the coffee cup went with the set and the only excuse I have is I have a mug fetish....

SO tell me...did you have any fun finds over the weekend?  Are you savoring up all of the goodness of summer.  I am trying to ignore the school bell ringing....ugh!  Shhhhh....the kids tell me

and just because I love to show them off... few pictures of the grandbabies Nikki shot over the weekend:)  I am waiting for Minted to put it up but she was Editor's pick for a Christmas card contest.  I was literally jumping up and down.  I am so proud of her.  I will share it once they put it up!