slowing down to be grandma

We lived and came out the other side!  My very pregnant daughter stayed with us for four days with the three kiddos.  It was EXhausting to say the least but the most amazing thing happened...

it hit me!  I AM A GRANDMA!  I am still raising kids so I don't feel like a grandma most days.  When that little boy was carrying a chair that was as big as him to sit by me and was saying..."grandma...look" something in my heart caught and took notice.  This little person has ME...for a grandma.

I am going to matter in his life.  In their lives.  So after that moment in the midst of hectic I slowed down and tried to take in all the small moments that you forget when your kids are grown or self sufficient.  Here are some snippets of our days.

got the hair from Orange County Housewives..yes I watch that show!!  Kinda fun...easy way to do my hair on a day I don't want to wash it!

Chelsee and I outside the tea house.  We went to this little place inside a church turned antique store/tea room that my mom found.  Honestly we were a little skeptical cause we are BIG eaters and I didn't want a little plate of fancy food.  It turned out to be very good.  I had a big scoop of chicken salad and a big slice of German chocolate something or other with cheesecake inside.  It was different and yummy.

  This girl is due in a week!  She can run circles around me with those kids.  I USED to be that way....those were the days.

We had kiddos sleeping in funny places...someday she will thank me for this right?

NO fancy schmancy firepits here!  We improvised with skewers and our Weber grill.  Don't try this at your house.  Skewers are NOT long enough:)  The kids had so much fun though.  We tried the new mint marshmallows and it tasted like an Andes Candy smore...very good!

Grandma ... watch me!  I heard over and over.  We liked to be noticed don't we?  I think I feel that way about God.  Daddy watch...made me think.

we much.  Reed LOVES yogurt covered raisins

I finally had the money to have the fuel pump replaced in the truck on Thursday and yesterday the first time out... it broke down on us on the way to work!  In the middle of stop and go traffic!

Craziness..thinking it is finally the transmission.  Pray for me as I ask what I am to do next.  Thankful for the trials though because I know He has the answer and I am waiting on it:)

was able to get off the highway onto the exit ramp and waited here for the tow truck:)

We did manage to get some work in.  Our newest sign is drying then I will distress the frame a bit.  I am in LOVE with the black.  It will be in our July sign sale.  I will be adding all of July's signs to the shop this month as I go.

Nikki is working on a few furniture pieces.  Here is a little dresser we picked up.  Wait till you see our colors for July! fun.  

I think that is enough for today.

Did you have a moment where your heart caught and made you slow down life?

If so...I would LOVE to know

much love...tiff