needing YOUR help with my kitchen floors...

 What a whirlwind of a week!  I'm still exhausted!!  We are still waiting on grand baby number 4.  Feeling like we are having a campout at grandma's house.

I need your input if you don't mind.  Here is a picture of my kitchen floors.  Plain ol' ugly white tile with gray grout.  Looks dirty.

Here is a picture of our dining room to help you get a "feel" for the vibe of our home.

I have been pinning some floors that I like for ideas in my kitchen.

I will need to rip up the tile of course.  I am thinking maybe putting down some reclaimed wood flooring to distress myself?

I want our house to be fun and feminine so I am not afraid of trying something new but I also don't want it to end up know what I mean?

love {VIA}

 just simple wood floors which I LOVE...but I would have to have the color matched to our current living room floors which are 40 years old

curtain {VIA}

 I love the distressing on these.  Reminds me of our signs:)

pretty patchwork tile {VIA}

 here is one I pinned with a fun mix of tiles???  could be feminine if I pulled colors from my curtains?

{love the painted checkerboard floors} {VIA}

 LOVE love this green.  I use it a lot in our booth each month.  SO happy

love the floor!{VIA}

I also LOVE red!  I just can't use it in my main rooms.  No red:( but I love the diamonds!

OK..there you have it.   What are your thoughts?   Suggestions?  Ideas I haven't thought of?  lay it on me....

maybe we will have a baby to share on Monday?

here's to a happy happy weekend and its SUMMER:)!!