hang summer fun pictures in chevron frames...

ssshhhh...the house is free from children right now so I am sneaking on to share an idea Nikki came up with.

We are slowly collecting smalls to cozy up our home.  I have NEVER done that before by the way.  My home has always been bare!

We have so many amazing pictures Nikki has taken of our family but NO WHERE are they in our home.


We began making these 2' x 2' frames last month for our physical shop and they sold out within an hour and a half.

this month we have created some oh so FUN and CoLoRFul frames.  I will post them tomorrow or Tuesday

ANYWAY...here is the IDEA

Instead of the regular photos hanging in frames why not use SUMMER FUN pictures instead?

Just for SuMMer...change them up each season?

Nikki took some of the kids in our neighbors backyard...well of course I will order a print of these too...they are so stinkin cute!!

but we are choosing the sprinkler and popcicle pictures taken last night to hang in our frames.

love the abandon children have playing in water...

we have been spending each evening when the sun dips over the horizon to enjoy the summer.

priceless.  it has SO been worth not worrying about the July sale and if we will get done in time.  There are always sales...not times like these yes?

THIS one I am for sure ordering today for his summer picture.

We are painting our chevron frames gray.  That way it is more of a neutral color hanging with all of my greens, aquas and yellows:)

I put the frames in the shop and as always ... we love custom orders.  I will be adding the polka dots and stripes in a day or two:)

and more of the color choices.

Are you faithful to hang family pictures or are you like me?  have them all on camera cards and not the walls?

We order our pictures through MPIX in case your interested:)

love to all of you....xoxo